Running Out of Outlets with All of Your Gadgets? iClever’s Wall Charger Fixed That

We have a lot of gadgets. And they all need to be charged. Sometimes at the same time. Why? Because we use them. So when the iClever USB travel Wall Charger came to my door, I instantly was excited.

The travel wall charger is yet another great item from iClever, who is known for creating products that you wouldn’t typically think you’d use, until you actually find out you need them. Having multiple battery packs to charge, as well as a smartphone and a tablet, on top of now an Apple Watch that needs to be charged daily, iClever’s six 2.4mAh ports make it easy for me to charger it all, literally. Most usb chargers only use 1 or 2 amps, alone.


One of the features that standout about the iClever charger is that is has SmartID. As I stated earlier, each of the ports is 2.4mAh, and what the SmartID is there to adapt to whatever you decide to put in said port. For example, my iPad Mini would charge a bit differently than my external battery pack  does. SmartID is there to charge your devices easier than your traditional OEM chargers. Available for iOS and Android devices,  it will work for not only your iPhone 6, but your Samsung Galaxy as well as your Note tablet.


Specs of the iClever 6-Port Travel Wall Charger:

  • Input AC: 100-240 Volts
  • Total Maximum Output: 5 Volts/10 Amps
  • Each Charging USB Port: 5 Volts/2.4 Amps (Max.)
  • Size is 100(L) x 69(H) x 27(W) mm or 4 x 2.7 x 1 inches
  • Weight is 180 grams or 7 ounces


With my upcoming travels, I’ll end up more than likely in a  hotel room with your traditional 2-3 outlets in the entire apartment (the fourth being taken by the tv and alarm clock). Nobody should have to suffer with charging their battery pack in the bathroom outlet. I know there are some cruise lines that only have outlets in the bathroom and one in the main room compartment. How can one charge all of your devices like that?


I appreciate the fact that iClever’s wall charger isn’t a block at the actual wall plug in portion. It’s your traditional four foot power plug which makes it accessible in case you have something large charging in your wall. With the iClever my iPhone fully charges a bit faster than my standard Apple brick and mortar charger as well as can charge my iPad Mini and a 20,000mAh all at the same time.


Before this, I was actually charging my iPad and my iPhone THROUGH my battery pack as it sat on the charger. Then I had my Apple Watch charging on its own. All battery packs sat on my Satechi multidock which in all honesty, takes up a lot of space in my living room. The iClever pretty much kills two birds for me. An additional bonus is each USB port has a green indicator LED light that shows you that said port is actually in use, which is handy for those of you who have devices that don’t show signs of charging on them physically.


The only downside to the actual iClever is that since all of the USB ports sit flush together, taking the actual cable out of the iClever itself can be difficult if you’re using multiple ports. For example, if you have the first four ports plugged up with cords and need to unplug the third one, you might find it difficult without effort. Outside of that minor flaw, if you’d like to free up some outlets, and want to free up that clutter beside your bed or couch, iClever’s 6-port wall charger is the one you’d want to have. You can purchase it today from Amazon.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: What’s not to like about being able to free up wall outlet space?

What Needs Improvement: needs a bit more space between each USB port

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