WiFi2HiFi 2 Lands on the iTunes App Store September 17th

WiFi2HiFi 2

WiFi2HiFi 2

Just to be honest, my initial exposure to WiFi2HiFi was anything but positive. I had won a copy in a website contest, but actually getting the company deliver took more than a month. But the app itself was pretty cool and provided useful functionality, and now they have released a new upgraded version, cleverly called WiFi2HiFi 2.

So what IS WiFi2HiFi? Well, the concept is simple. You load an app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You install the ‘master’ app on your Mac. You pair the two, and then your iOS device shows up as a ‘device’ for streaming. You start playing music, and choose your device … and your music starts playing! Naturally you need to be on the same WiFi network.

Here are the features from the developer:
– Use any iOS device you want to groove to your favourite beats
– Wifi2Hifi enables you to stream music to any iPhone and iPad in range of your wireless connection.
– Easy to use
– Start streaming once you start the app. Your iPhone and iPod devices are automatically detected.
– Compatible with every music program, streaming service and web radio
– No matter what audio program your using, or if your streaming music from one of the many streaming services on the internet, if you can hear the music on your computer you can always stream it using Wifi2Hifi.
– High reliability
– Even on weak wireless networks, Wifi2Hifi provides excellent sound quality and stability.
– Practical media buttons
– Control your music directly through your mobile iOS using the new media buttons.

As for what is specifically ‘new’ for version 2?
– Lower latency (around 1 sec)
– Remote control buttons: you can now skip forward, play and pause inside the iOS app.
– Slick new looks
– WiFi2HiFi 2.0 is universal, it can be used on both iPhone and iPad
– Still only Mac supported as host

You can get more info on the official site. The app is coming out on September 17th, look for a review soon after that!

Here is a demo video:

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