The Avalanche of 5S/5C Cases Cometh!

The Avalanche of 5S/5C Cases Cometh!

Did you preorder a new 5S or 5C? As always, all your favorite case companies are right there to make sure your new baby is properly coddled and swaddled … whether you’re looking for style or protection, the major players are happy to offer up the right accessory.

Speck is quick to remind everyone on their website that many of their iPhone 5 cases will fit the 5S nicely, plus they have new cases just for the 5S coming soon as well. Case-Mate says the same thing, though some of the styles appear to be an acquired taste, including unusually patterned cases “For him” and exceedingly rhinestoned cases “for her”. (Can’t we drop the gender breakdown, and live in a world where men and women can both carry bejeweled, shiny, visibile-from-space cases if that’s what they like?) If you’re looking for style and wallet-friendly prices, Cygnett has a line of 5/5S cases ready to go as well. Lifeproof and Otterbox have cases “coming soon” for the 5S, presumably, since their iPhone 5 cases need some rejiggering to accommodate the fingerprint scanner.

For those who will be snapping up a 5C, don’t worry — you won’t be stuck with Apple’s Crocs-inspired holey cases. It looks like just about every case maker will have plenty of 5C options, as well. Personally, I think if you’re going for a 5C your, then your best bet is a clear case (show off that color!), but if you prefer to mix and match styles you won’t be without options. Looking to stretch your accessories budget? Venerable smartphone accessories maker Boxwave has a deal right now for an additional $9 off select cases with the code IP5CDEAL.

Like all iPhone launches, there will be plenty of cases available to purchase along with the phone. The real question is, which will you be choosing? Let us know your favorite style in the comment!

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  1. Not getting the 5S, but it’s gratifying to see that as long as your existing iPhone 5 case has an oval camera cutout (and not an asymmetrical one), it’ll work with the iPhone 5S. The rejiggered button layout for the 4S was annoying…

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