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October 7, 2013 • Gear Bits

Brinell GmbH Introduces Stylish, Speedy SSDs in Seven Styles


A new, stylish external storage solution from Brinell GmbH recently surfaced, revealing seven beautiful SSD form factor styles to choose from. Sporting USB 3.0 specs, the Brinell external SSDs offer zippy read/write speeds in UAS Turbo mode of 420/330 MB/s respectively, with prices starting from about $216 for the 120GB version to $768 USD for 500GB capacity.


High-end performance meets high-end materials, with Brinell’s SSD external drives featuring components such as Makassar ebony, Nappa leather, carbon fiber, or stainless steel in various stylings. The externals are lightweight too, weighing in at around 4.2 ounces.  Plus, in addition to their zippy, attractive SSDs, Brinell offers external USB HDDs with larger capacity, ranging from 500GB to 2TB and starting at just $134 USD. Just plug either drive type up to your system and you are ready to store data in style!

So if you are tired of the external drive looking more like the family car and want something more striking and speedy like a sports car, head on over to Brinell and take a gander at their sumptuous external drive offerings here.

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