BBQ Guys Victory Pellet Grill Review: Perfectly Smoked Summer Meats Await!

The Lowdown

The 35″ Victory Wood Pellet Grill is perfect for just about any smoking or grilling needs. It has well-designed features and includes thoughtful accessories, but most importantly, it is well-built and should last for many years.



  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Giant 29-pound hopper
  • Four wheels for easy transport
  • Includes a stainless shelf and hooks


  • It would be nice if a Bluetooth and/or WiFi-enabled version was an option

BBQ season is finally upon us, and the perfect place to find everything for your outdoor cooking needs is the BBQGuys site. They have everything from grills and smokers to the necessary accessories to make your cooks successful. BBQGuys even has its own line of cookers, including the Victory Pellet Grill that we’ll be looking at today. The Victory Pellet Grill is a 35″ wood pellet grill with a 29-pound hopper. This thing is huge and rugged, and it comes with some excellent features for an affordable price. Let’s dive in!

BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill set up and ready to cook

The Victory Pellet Grill is delivered, requiring minimal assembly. You’ll simply add the legs and bottom cart, and then the shelving and handles. I took my time to make sure everything was perfect, and it took about an hour to complete the assembly by myself.

This thing is pretty heavy, so I recommend having some help, which will make it faster and easier. With that said, my old bones got it put together and fired up without any help.

The Victory Pellet Grill measures 62.46″ wide x 30.45″ deep x 50.95″ high and weighs in at 153 pounds without pellets. For a pellet grill, this is one big, heavy device; this should help it last longer and perform better.

The back of the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The first impressive thing about the grill that I noticed was the 16 gauge steel used for the body. Compared to several other smokers I’ve used, this is much heavier duty and more durable. I’m also impressed with the wheels.

Not only are there four, which makes it much easier to move the grill, but the wheels are also heavy-duty. The front wheels are plastic with a metal interior and much larger than usual, and the rear wheels have locking casters; they easily exceeded my expectations.

This heavy grill moves with ease, and these wheels should last the life of the smoker.

Along with the foldable front shelf seen in many of the photos, the Victory Pellet Grill includes a side shelf with hooks. Based on my experience, most smoker brands do not include these types of accessories except as an optional purchase, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Side shelf with hooks on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The front folding shelf is strong and large enough to hold a brisket awaiting its smoke bath!

The stainless steel shelf fits into the side handle and can be removed and even used on the smoker. The three stainless hooks come in handy to hang tools or towels. It is a nice touch for BBQGuys to include these in the package.

I also like the lid handle, which has a knurled design for a better grip; it looks pretty sharp with the smoker design. The bottom shelf is sturdy and has already been put to use, holding extra bags of pellets for me.

Thick lid handle on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The 29-pound hopper is a game-changer for anyone who enjoys long cooks. I prefer to do ribs, brisket, and other long smokes; this is the first time I have been able to cook briskets without worrying about refilling the pellets overnight.

The hopper on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The hopper is giant!

If you prefer to change pellets depending on the foods being smoked, there is also a rear release that allows the pellets to be quickly drained. Because draining and switching pellets is so easy, I was able to go from apple to post oak pellets quickly.

Releasing pellets on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

A larger pellet hopper won’t matter if the auger is lightweight and cannot handle the load. Fortunately, the Victory Pellet Grill’s auger is up to the job, and it will keep your cooks going and temperatures steady.

I have put over 24 cooking hours on this grill without any issues with feeding pellets or having them get jammed.

The Victory Pellet Grill’s firepot is well made, and I found it easy to clean. Once the grill has been fired and run for 40 minutes at 500 degrees, it starts up and quickly gets the pit to temp.

BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill firepot

The flame cover is surprisingly heavy duty. I compared it to a smoker of a more well-known brand, and there is no doubt this will last the entirety of the smoker’s life.

The BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill flame cover

The heat diffuser is made of heavy-duty steel and designed to cover nearly the entire opening of the pit. I have found that this design makes for an easier clean-up since it catches more grease and helps regulate temperatures across the grilling surface. All grills have hot and cool spots, but this has kept those more steady.

The BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill heat diffuser

I love to smoke large cuts of meat and cook for large groups of people. The 691 square inch main cooking area is perfect for large gatherings.

An extra 245 square inches is added with the removable top grill bringing a total of 936 square inches, which should be enough space to cover even the largest summer get-together!

The cooking grate comes in three heavy pieces of porcelain-coated steel; having three parts is convenient for cleaning as it helps distribute the grate’s weight and makes it less unwieldy.

The grilling surface offered by the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The PID controller is easy to use and provides temperatures from 180-500 degrees. There are two ports for temperature probes, which are included, to make monitoring meat simple.

The PID Controller on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

As you can see in the photo, the knob goes from “Smoke,” which uses P settings, to “High,” at 500 degrees. Unfortunately, there are no BlueTooth or WiFi capabilities for easier cook monitoring.

Temperatures can be set in 25-degree increments, and I have found them to hold true while also getting a significant amount of smoke. This controller is not the fanciest on the market, but it is really easy to use, and it holds the temps perfectly.

Now that we have covered all of the features and specs, how does the Victory Pellet Grill cook? The maiden voyage included a rack of pork ribs and some homemade deer sausage.

Ribs cooking on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The temperatures held like a dream, and I was impressed with the amount of smoke.

You can see the smoke ring on both the ribs and sausage. My family was happy to help test the results, and they gave raving reviews.

Sausage and ribs cooked on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The biggest test for me was smoking a brisket. As a Texan and competition BBQ team member, we pride ourselves on the quality of the brisket. This past weekend I smoked two briskets for a family event. The cook went smoothly, and the results were terrific.

Brisket cooked on the Victory Pellet Grill

Using the provided probes, I monitored meat temps to cook the perfect BBQ. These larger briskets were 14 and 16 pounds before being trimmed, and I could have easily fit another onto the smoker.

Briskets cooked on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The Victory Pellet Grill has all the great features you want in a smoker. The build quality is of heavy-duty steel and should last many cooking seasons. I love the little design additions like having four wheels and including the side shelf and hooks.

I smoked two briskets for over 12 hours and had plenty of pellets left over.

Smoked meats cooked on the BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill

The 35″ Victory Wood Pellet Grill is perfect for just about any smoking or grilling needs. It has well-designed features and includes thoughtful accessories, but most importantly, it is well-built and should last for many years.

The BBQGuys Victory Pellet Grill retails for $879.99 (currently on sale for $699.99); it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Heavy-duty steel construction; Giant 29 pound hopper; Four wheels for easy transport; Includes a stainless shelf and hooks

What Needs Improvement: It would be nice if a Bluetooth and/or WiFi-enabled version was an option

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  1. I love the added shelf on the side of the smoker. I wish ours had that! This looks like a large, sturdy smoker.

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    We have been in the market to buy a new BBQ smoker and we will definitely check out BBQGUYS.COM. Thanks

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    I love the 29 pound hopper, it makes for some long cook times without the worry of running out of pellet’s. Then when you want to change out the flavor, just use the rear lever and dump them out and put in what your mouth is watering for.. GREAT grill, would love to win one…

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