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I have a pair of Sennheiser on-ear noise-cancelling headphones I purchased years ago. They are well-loved, and most recently went to France with my mother-in-law. The headphones still look and sound fantastic. That’s why the Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones intrigued me. These $229.95 headphones come in great colors, offer exceptional comfort and, best of all, sound great. Check them out.

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The MOMENTUM on-ear headphones impressed me the minute I pulled them from the box. They are light but surprisingly solid, the color is rich but not overly punchy, and the metal frame, ear cups, and rivets connecting the metal frame to the softer headband are modern without being overly industrial. In other words, these look like the premium on-ear headphones they are.

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Alcantara®, a high-end synthetic material is used for the earpads and awe a good example of the fact that synthetic doesn’t have to mean cheap. No, the ear cups are plush and both look and feel great.

As Sennheiser explains,

MOMENTUM was designed not for those who follow fashion, but for those who define their own style. A triumph of substance over mere effect. Understatement as a statement. Timeless style that reflects your design principles. Our interpretation of purism, perfected.

I’ve seen the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones described as “retro modern” and think it is actually a pretty apt description of them. They certainly stand out in an evermore crowded marketplace but do so without appearing to try too hard.

Here’s a look on video.

In the box you will find the super-fancy soft case, a cloth bag for those times you don’t want the bulk of the case, a 1.4m cable with integrated smart remote, a microphone for use with iOS devices, and a 1.4m straight cable for use with all other devices. I really appreciate the inclusion of both the cloth bag and the soft headphone pouch.

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Thanks to a poor design or cheap build-quality it often seems as if the inline remote and microphone that ships with medium to high-end headphones is an afterthought. That isn’t the case here. The iRemote, as Sennheiser calls it, is a solid unit that, like the frame of the headphones themselves, is made from metal. This feature of the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones is important enough to Sennheiser that they focus on it as a key product feature stating,

Sleek and smooth, the MOMENTUM On-Ear’s metal in-line control unit and microphone supports Apple devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone. Placing complete control over telephone calls and your music conveniently at your fingertips.

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The company even puts great thought into the plug’ss design. A right angle keeps the profile low on this solid and well-reinforced plug. I even like the small Sennheiser logo they embossed on it.

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The Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones are super-comfortable. My first time out using them for review, I probably wore them for two to three hours and didn’t feel much if any discomfort from having them sit on my ears. I suspect this is the result of a few things. The ear cups not only adjust up and down on the metal frames, but they also pivot in every direction. That means you can quickly position them to sit ON your ear in the manner that is comfortable for you. Add in the plushness of the ear cups themselves and the light weight of the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones, and their comfort isn’t all that much of a surprise.

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In the video I refer to the sound of the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones as soft and enjoyable. By soft I don’t mean mushy or unclear. Far from it. No, by soft I mean that the experience of listening to them is both enjoyable and relaxing. (Unless you are playing super-edgy metal of course.) They put out a clear and accurate sound as well as rich bass that isn’t overly done. Better still, I found that they sounded great when listening to a wide range of different styles of music.

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At $230, the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones are a good bit more expensive than some other available on-ear options. For the money however, you get a cool-looking retro modern pair of on-ear headphones in one of a growing number of colors. They ship with two different ways to store and carry them, two different cables, and a build quality that is sure to impress. Best of all, they are comfortable and sound great. If you like the look and want a solid pair of headphones that don’t collapse for travel the only question left is… which of these colors is for you?

Check them out.

MSRP: $229.95

What I Like: Solid yet light; Two ways to carry; Comfortable; Offer a terrific listening experience without “trying too hard”

What Needs Improvement: A bit more than other on-ear options; They don’t fold up for travel

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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