Beachsafe’s Portable Safe Allows You to Stash Your Things Safely Poolside


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Beachsafe's Portable Safe Allows You to Stash Your Things Safely Poolside Listen to this article

Designed to protect your personal items when you’re at the beach or by the pool, beachsafe is a product that my mother showed interest in for her travels. Beachsafe sent me one to review, and for her most recent tropical trip, my mother took it along, and she had nothing but positive things to say about it.

Beachsafe's Portable Safe Allows You to Stash Your Things Safely Poolside

Constructed from water-resistant ABS plastic, the beachsafe‘s name says exactly what the product does — it protects your items from theft at the beach (or pool, or anywhere, really). Typically when you go to the pool or beach you might toss things like your phone, wallet, keys, and other items into your beach bag, but how secure can that be? I’ve had items stolen from my beach bag while in the water before, so the idea of having a physical safe along sounds amazing.

The beachsafe comes equipped with a built-in handle which is perfect for toting around. From what my mother told me, this made it easy to just transport the items around instead of having them loose in her bag and then having to add them to the safe later.

Beachsafe's Portable Safe Allows You to Stash Your Things Safely Poolside

The beachsafe has a 4-digit programmable lock (just don’t use your birthday or 0000, obviously), so not only will your items be secure from sand and water but also from theft. What I found nifty, though, is that there is a built-in cooling fan that will help if you plan on sitting in the sun for prolonged periods of time — you won’t get alerts that your phone is randomly overheating.

My mother’s thoughts about the beachsafe after traveling with it:

Using it is actually pretty nice, although I wish the inner storage was a bit larger for my Kindle. I like that the company included a cable to attach the beachsafe to your chair which adds more security to it as well. Initially, I was concerned with it being plastic, but it’s pretty sturdy — I’ve dropped it a few times and it didn’t crack, so I’m pretty sure nobody could just break into it without having equipment with them. Is there a way they could create a Purple color for it?

Sounds as though my mother is a fan of the beachsafe, and will continue using it in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can find them on their site for $59.99. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Built-in cooling system so your phone doesn’t overheat

What Needs Improvement: Needs a purple option 😉

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