You’ll Be Overly Enthusiastic About Crumpler’s Mild Enthusiast Camera and Tablet Bag

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Crumpler’s Mild Enthusiast (M) is the bag for the indecisive camera and tablet enthusiast who cannot decide between getting a sling pack or a waist pack. It does both! Big enough to hold a standard DSLR, two lenses and a tablet, the $110.00 bag can be worn off the shoulder or on the back or waist..

Well-designed, the bag is far more impressive than it might first appear. Yes, the Mild Enthusiast may look small but it has a total of seven different storage areas. These include:

  • Twin gripper zippered photo compartment
  • Zippered full width photo compartment front pocket
  • Three rear photo compartment stuff pockets
  • Rear external zippered slip pocket for an iPad
  • Elasticised front accessory loops

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The main compartment opens thanks to two metal pulls. Each has the Crumpler logo (referred to as the “Crumpler dud” in the video) and a small circle that, when the pulls are placed together, create a security point — padlock loops — into which a small lock can be placed. It is a great bit of added security that some may love. (That is especially true if you will be using the bag in a crowded urban environment.)

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The large interior space offers a padded photo compartment large enough for a DSLR, extra lens and a flash. A velcro divider can be positioned anywhere in this space to help make sure it fits your gear properly. As I note in the video review I do wish the company had included at least one additional divider.

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Crumpler describes this main area as offering “Clamshell opening”. As they explain, “Unzipped in sling mode, waist mode or just resting on the ground mode, the gusseted photo compartment flap opens like a clamshell to prevent your gear from accidentally unpacking itself.” It is an unusual design but it works exactly as promised.

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At the rear of this compartment, there are three open pockets. One runs the width of the bag while the others divide this space in half. They are far from large but will hold some papers, cables or other small, relatively flat items.

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At the front of this compartment is an additional pocket. This one offers the added security of a zipper and had the same, high-quality metal pull.

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The shoulder or waist strap is also impressive. A simple 38mm wide strap its Quick2Flick™ buckle and quick release clasp feel strong and secure. The strap is simple to adjust and, from there, will always offer a perfect fit regardless of the way in which it is being worn.

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The strap attaches to the bag at two points that are nicely hidden. This allows the strap to adjust to a variety of angles for comfort and security, while making sure they will not get quality or snagged if you are walking through a narrow space.

Between the two points where the strap connects to the bag there is an addition zipper. This one opens to reveal a tablet compartment. It is not the most padded space we have seen, but it does offer some degree of protection for your post-PC computing product.

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The water-resistant Mild Enthusiast won’t be for everyone. This isn’t a messenger bag or a backpack. No, this is for people who want to travel light and prefer to carry their camera and tablet in a sling or, at times, a waist pack. When it first arrived from Crumpler, the Mild Enthusiast didn’t look like much. The more I dug into this bag and actually used it, however, the more impressed I became. It holds more than you might imagine, it is organized quite well and it is surprisingly comfortable to use as a sling. Best of all this bag is tough enough that it carries Crumpler’s lifetime guarantee. Get it.

MSRP: $110

What I Like: Well-made; Holds more than it initially appears to hold; Provides decent organization; Light and remarkably comfortable to use; Carries a lifetime guarantee

What Needs Improvement: Could include one or two extra camera dividers

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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