Tablik Integrates Tablets into the Workspace

While many of us love our tablets because of their portability, others wish for alternate mounting solutions especially as the devices become more integrated into working environments. Innovative Office Products offers a flexible solution with its new Tablik articulating arm designed to lift your device above the workspace or desk for more comfortable and flexible viewing options.

Tablik/Images courtesy Innovative Office Products

Images courtesy Innovative Office Products

Tablik features a base that c-clamps to the work surface or desktop edge and offers a 360-degree swiveling base and a 180-degree tiltable two-piece arm that extends from 14” to 21” and allows for up to 270-degree angle adjustment. The tablet is easily removed from the device thanks to the magnetic grab-and-go interface.


When I unpacked the Tablik review unit that was supplied by the manufacturer, I discovered it required very little assembly. I attached the device platform to the arm with a collar that fits around a ballhead on the end of the arm and the device platform. This design feature allows for even greater articulation and varied display angles. A magnet disc attaches to the rear of your tablet and fits into a round receptacle on the Tablik platform for secure mounting. The magnet disk swivels inside the platform base so that the tablet can be used horizontally or vertically, whichever is your pleasure.


The tablet can be used with its touchscreen function or separate Bluetooth keyboard depending on your working environment, app needs or personal preference. Tablik can also be mounted to the rear support of your desktop monitor for side-by-side viewing at your workspace.


Tablik is a unique device, one I would never have thought to seek for a tablet. I almost liken it to being the answer to the question no one asked. It makes perfect sense and brings the power of these portable devices into the workspace. I see it as the perfect solution in a small business environment especially retail shops where tablets are replacing traditional registers, credit machines, etc.


For those that will use the device plugged-in there is a clip for the arm to keep the cord neatly out of the way. A c-clamp under the base attaches to any solid surface up to 1.6” thick. Tablik is rated for devices weighing up to 3 lbs. The magnet disc attaches easily to the rear center of your tablet and features a gel adhesive that holds the disc firmly to the tablet yet removes cleanly, leaving no residue. A VESA mount option is available for dual screen computing and a bolt-thru desk mount is also offered.


The Tablik from Innovative Office Products retails for $150 but can be found at various web retailers between $99-$125.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Flexibility, ease of device removal/reattachment

What Needs Improvement: Surprised this sturdy device has a collar (the pieces around the small ballheads) made of nylon plastic; perhaps the lifespan of the Tablik could be extended if this collar were metal or alloy

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