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October 16, 2013 • Gaming

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery Part 1 Gets Massive Update As Part 2 Readies for Release!

Steve Jackson Sorcery

Steve Jackson Sorcery

I loved Sorcery! when I reviewed it back in May, describing it as a game that combines classic fantasy story, told as a ‘create your own adventure’, loaded up with fantasy RPG gameplay, with a unique and engaging visual style. As we await the November Part 2 release, Inkle has released a major update making Part 1 worth playing again!

Here are the major new additions to Sorcery! Part 1:
Female player character: Who says quests are just for boys?! Now play as either a male or a female hero, with dynamic artwork and text supporting your chosen gender.
Improved magic system: What sorcery is this? Look to the stars for answers! The new 3D spellcasting system is gorgeous and easy to use, eliminating the need to page through the in-game spellbook.
Fist-fighting mode: Some fights just have to be settled with your fists…
Simple saved game transfer: To continue the adventure, players with the old version of Sorcery! Part 1 will need to find and type in the name of their saved game. But with the update installed, the Sorcery! Part 2 app can grab this data directly — no hunting and pecking required.

Sorcery! Part 2 will include all of these features, plus it doubles the narrative content of the first game, introduces new enemy types, more complex story branches, a detailed ‘building by building’ city map, and other gameplay enhancements. You can choose to play Part 2 on its own, or as a continuing adventure from Part 1.

Learn more at the official site, or head to iTunes to grab Part 1 for $4.99!

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  1. Bryan Eley says:

    This looks like a fun twist and interesting visual perspective, so I’m installing it now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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