Power and Protect with the TYLT ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s

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Battery cases that protect and recharge iPhones are great during CES, but the bulk and extra weight aren’t always right for every day use. That’s where the TYLT ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s can help. It gives you two snap on minimalist cases AND an extended slide on battery — just $99.99 for all three.

TYLT describes this battery/case system in the following manner:

The ENERGI Case with slide on battery is made for the real world. And with slim battery technology we only add 9mm to the thickness of the iPhone, you barely know you are carrying 9 additional hours of talk time. We include 2 slim-line cases; 1 black, 1 colored, so you can change your style on-the-fly.

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Inside the box were the two slim-line shell cases and the external battery sled. When combined the case and the battery create a complete solution for keeping your iPhone 5/5S charged. With a slight tug on the iPhone it slides out, and you get a thin, light phone that is still protected. It is a rather slick setup!

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Here are a few views of the slider case sliding into the battery. The system would have been complete even if they had only included one thin case but the addition of a second one in a different color is a nice touch!


  • Built-in rechargeable 2500mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • Provides up to 9 hours additional talk time
  • LED status indicator lights
  • Thin, compact design adding just 1/4 inch (9mm) to thickness and 1/2 inch (10mm) to length
  • Charge, sync, transfer data, and listen to music with the case on
  • Charge and sync cable included
  • Microphone portal

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The back of the battery has a power button that turns it on and off. It also lets you check the status of the battery charge. And, thanks to the microUSB port, you can sync and charge your iPhone while using the case and battery. Better still, the battery is smart enough to charge the phone first and, only once it is charged, recharge the battery.

In the package you will find:

  • Battery Dock
  • Slim-line Cases; 1 black, 1 colored
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Headphone adapter
  • User Guide

Sliding the phone into the battery takes just a seconds and, once inserted, the two parts look as if they were one.

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TYLT’s ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s is one of those products that actually solves a real issue. It finds a way to let you add significant battery life to your iPhone 5/5S without having to have it stuck in an extra thick, bulky battery case full-time. My biggest issue with this design is the need to use a headphone adapter when using the battery. I see that is a common design feature with pretty much all external battery cases for the iPhone 5/5S, and I simply hate the need to keep an extra adapter with me. Lose it and… yeah, lose it and you are out of luck if your headphones plug is even a tiny bit thicker than the one on Apple’s earPods. Other than that however, my only other issue is that the sliding case leaves a small part of the iPhone’s lower back area exposed. I have no doubt building the sliding case in such a manner that it works nicely with the battery made this necessary, but I do hate the idea of leaving even a small part of my iPhone exposed when using a case. It just seems like a silly oversight.

The TYLT ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s is an awesome case/battery system and one I would use constantly… had my brother-in-law’s girlfriend not already taken a strong liking to the review sample last week. 🙂
Learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $99.99

What I Like: Each set comes with two slim cases; Battery slides on and off with ease; A battery case that is the best of both worlds; Charge the battery and phone using microUSB rather than Lightning; Smart technology charges the phone first and only then the battery

What Needs Improvement: Headphone adapter required for most wired headphones when using the battery; Slim cases leave the very bottom of the iPhone exposed

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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