ODOC for iPhone and iPod touch, Another Awesome Kickstarter Project I Backed!

ODOC for iPhone and iPod touch, Another Awesome Kickstarter Project I Backed!

Now that we are a two iPhone and two iPad household it makes more sense than ever to have a number of spots for charging our iOS devices. For example, I can see having a dock in the kitchen, another in the master bath and yet another in the bedroom. That way, whenever we are in one room or another we can simply drop our phones into the dock and top off the charge. I recently reviewed Element Cases’ Vapor Dock and came away impressed. Similarly, I am looking forward to getting the Elevation Dock I backed on Kickstarter a few months ago. Now this is another dock coming to market if/when it is fully backed on Kickstarter. The ODOC is an iPhone/iPod touch dock with some impressive features. It includes a USB connection for the white Apple sync/charge cable, a shielded line-level audio output connection, a weight that gives it tremendous stability, and a rotation system that lets you adjust it so the iPhone is at the perfect angle.

Here’s a run through of the dock from the Kickstarter page. (If you want to jump right to it simply click here.)

ODOC for iPhone and iPod touch, Another Awesome Kickstarter Project I Backed!

ELEGANT DESIGN: The meaningful visual theme of ODOC is the intersection of two pure geometric forms – a cylinder and a rectangle, punctuated with a few well considered and refined details. ODOC’s twisting function is an extension of the cylindrical form. The solid feel of the mechanism is augmented by a reassuring, audible click.

ODOC for iPhone and iPod touch, Another Awesome Kickstarter Project I Backed!

SUPERIOR FUNCTION: ODOC is a minimal, timeless design that cues user intuition. Simply twist ODOC’s cylindrical form to set the perfect angle for viewing and using the iPhone’s touchscreen display. A ball-bearing mechanism locks the cylinder in five different positions. This patent-pending design intrigues and delights the user through its intuitive function. The cylinder holds iPhones with or without cases, and its weight is sufficient for single-handed iPhone removal. Backrests of different thicknesses adjust for the iPhone without a case and with cases of different thicknesses, storing inside the cylinder when not in use.

A glass disk finishes both ends of the cylinder. Grab ODOC’s o-ring to twist the cylinder into one of five iPhone viewing angles.

ODOC for iPhone and iPod touch, Another Awesome Kickstarter Project I Backed!

EASY AND RELIABLE CONNECTIVITY: ODOC”s weight holds it down when you pick up the iPhone. Your connection is reliable because no “special” 30-pin connector is needed. There’s also a shielded line level audio connector for playing iTunes on your stereo.

ODOC for iPhone and iPod touch, Another Awesome Kickstarter Project I Backed!
SIMPLE DESIGN THAT COMPLIMENTS THE iPHONE: Design, materials and finishes complement the iPhone like no other dock. Crafted from cast aluminum alloy and NC-machined to precision tolerances, ODOC is assembled with inlaid glass and stainless steel hardware. The elastomeric foot prevents slippage while the o-ring gives the perfect grip for twisting the cylinder.


Dimensions (in inches): diameter 2.54 X 4.27

Weight: 2.7 lbs.

Materials: Cast and machined aluminum alloy, glass, santoprene, stainless steel hardware, elastomeric o-ring.

Finishes: high-gloss powder coat in black, white or clear over glass-bead blasted aluminum.

Viewing angles (in degrees): 8, 17, 26, 35 and 44.

It comes in black, white or clear over aluminum and it looks awesome. That’s why I became a backer! (I’m getting mine in black!) Learn more and become a backer too here on Kickstarter for as little as $79!

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