TYLT Block Party: Perfectly Portable Charging and Sound

Summer is all about spending time by the pool, hanging out on the back deck, travel, and camping. The TYLT Block Party gives you a way to stay charged while outdoors while enjoying your favorite music. The Block Party is a combo portable Bluetooth speaker and 20,000mAh battery that can charge up to four devices at the same time.

Save Big on TYLT Products Without Leaving the Comfort of Home

We’re big fans of TYLT’s products here on the site. We’ve reviewed a ton of them, and from their external batteries to their cables to their cases to their wireless charging devices, each and every one has impressed. The products work well while also showing off a unique aesthetic. And from Black Friday through Cyber Monday you can save big!

TYLT ENERGI Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

For $99.99, the TYLT ENERGI Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6 Plus offers both a thin, protective case and a 3,500mAh external battery slider that offers an additional 85% battery life. When you need to travel light, just use the inner case. When you need some extra power, you slide on the Power Sleeve and keep going.

TYLT RIBBN 4.8A Car Charger with Flat Ribbon Cable Review

TYLT is one of my favorite mobile accessory companies. They make bright, functional accessories that consistently work as promised. This time out we are taking a look at the new TYLT RIBBN 4.8A Car Charger with Flat Ribbon Cable. This is, to be honest, the car charging system I have been waiting for. Here’s why. The car charger comes in four bright colors and is the perfect car charger for the mobile road warrior. The three foot cable is a flat, tangle free offering that will get the job done without becoming a knotted mess. It comes as either an…

Apply Straight Protection to Your Galaxy S5 Screen with the TYLT ALIN

One problem I’ve always had about screen protectors: I cannot put them on. Three out of every four times I attempt to do it myself the end result is either fingerprints UNDER the screen protector (even when I touch the sides like instructed) or the one really, really good time I put it on, there’s lint and particles .

A Single TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO Charge-and-Sync Cable Is All You Need

If you use an Android device all of your mobile gadgetry likely uses the same microUSB sync/charge cable. If, on the other hand, you use an iOS device you need to both a Lightning connector cable for that device and a microUSB cable for everything else. The new TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO Charge-and-Sync Cable will let you carry a single cable.

TYLT ENERGI 2K Travel Charger Review: Brightly Doubles Your Battery Life

Leaving aside Samsung’s cute commercial bashing iOS Device battery life, external portable battery packs are a reality of modern-day mobile living. Our devices are simply too power-hungry, and recharging on the go is a must. The TYLT ENERGI 2K Travel Charger is a stylish and convenient way to do just that. Best of all it costs under $40.

TYLT TAGZ Let You Get the Most From NFC

One of the biggest surprises when I started using the Sony Xperia Z2 as my full-time device was just how much use I got from finally having a device with NFC Near Field Communication built-in. The TYLT TAGZ Programmable NFC Stickers take the NFC prowess of the phone to an entirely new level.

TYLT Syncable Charge and Sync Cable Review

Cables to charge and sync devices are a boring, uninspiring but important part of a modern mobile life. Every smartphone and tablet ships with one, so aftermarket cables may seem like a waste of money. But they are cheap, and many of us need cables in various locations. That’s where the TYLT Syncable Charge and Sync Cable comes in.

TYLT ENERGI+ BACKPACK May Be Perfect for Back-to-School

TYLT offers some of the more interesting smartphone and tablet accessories on the market today. The TYLT ENERGI+ BACKPACK With Built-in Battery applies that same design talent to something that just may be the perfect backpack for anyone heading off to college next month. At just under $200 it may look pricey but it is actually a great deal.

Inductively Charge Your Galaxy S5 with the TYLT VU-Mate and TYLT VU

When Judie reviewed the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Pad in January, I was jealous. To use inductive charging with my iPhone 5S, I would need a bulky case. Now that I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S5 things have changed. That’s where the TYLT VU-MATE comes in. For under $25, the VU-MATE lets you inductively charge your S5. I love it.

I’m Ready for My Samsung Galaxy S5 and so is TYLT

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 was just released and mine is in transit. Hopefully it will be in my hands tomorrow. I’m excited to get it and I’m excited to see the new accessories TYLT just announced new accessories for the Galaxy S5. Among them are S5 versions of the company’s ENERGI Sliding Power Case and ALIN screen protector. Here’s a quick look at them.  

Get a Charge With the TYLT ENERGI 5K+ Battery Pack

  The other night I attended an event in NYC. I knew security would be tight — metal detectors, wanding etc- so I opted to bring only my wallet and my iPhone. Big mistake, since my iPhone was down to just 35% when I arrived. I truly wish I had brought the TYLT ENERGI 5K+ battery pack along for the evening.

TYLT VU Wireless Charging Pad – a Stylish and Modern Charger

One of the things I love about the new Nokia Windows Phones is that they can utilize inductive charging. Being able to lay my phone on a Qi enabled charging pad throughout the day without plugging in any cables is too convenient; having a charging pad that looks as stylish as the $69.99 TYLT VU is pretty cool, too.

TYLT TUNZ Bluetooth Speaker Tunes In To NFC Audio

Is there room for yet another small, portable Bluetooth speaker in an ever-more-crowded market? I sure hope so. The TYLT TUNZ is small but surprisingly powerful, easily customized and some features that make it a great option if you are looking to take your music on the go while charging your mobile device at the same time.

TYLT POWERPLANT Universal Battery Pack Lets Lightning Strike… Twice

Yesterday we took a look at the Just Mobile Gum++ Backup Battery. It’s a great accessory but requires you to supply your own cable. Today we are taking a look at TYLT’s POWERPLANT Portable Back-Up Charger Lighting. The $89.99 battery is small, powerful and includes a built-in Lightning connector and a universal USB port. Plus, it looks great!

Tough It Out with the TYLT RUGGD for iPhone 5C

If you are looking to protect your iPhone 5C without putting it into a huge bulky case, then you’ll want to check out the TYLT RUGGD for iPhone 5C. Built to keep your colorful iPhone safe, it offers triple protection for the phone’s ever-vulnerable corners. It will be available in black and lime for just $34.99. Learn more here.

Power and Protect with the TYLT ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s

Battery cases that protect and recharge iPhones are great during CES, but the bulk and extra weight aren’t always right for every day use. That’s where the TYLT ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s can help. It gives you two snap on minimalist cases AND an extended slide on battery — just $99.99 for all three. TYLT describes this battery/case system in the following manner: The ENERGI Case with slide on battery is made for the real world. And with slim battery technology we only add 9mm to the thickness of the iPhone, you barely know you are carrying 9…