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November 19, 2013 • Gear Bits

FLOTE Your Tablet for Better Viewing and More Functionality

Tablet Floor Stand for iPad Kindle  eReaders | FLOTE

If you have been searching for a better way to keep your tablet or eReader positioned in the optimal location for comfort and ease-of-use the FLOTE may be just the thing. The $299 FLOTE, which comes in a desktop or freestanding model, may be pricey but it is a solidly built, great-looking way to hold your tablet exactly where you want.

FLOTE | Hands Free Tablet Stands for iPad Kindle  eReaders

The FLOTE comes in two different styles.

Screenshot 2013-11-19 09.47.20

It also offers the FLOTE Desktop Stand:

Enjoy ergonomic use of your iPad, tablet or e-reader on your desk, bed tray, countertops, at work & more. Includes a base or clamp to fit any application.


Screenshot 2013-11-19 09.47.11

The company offers the FLOTE m2 Floor Stand:

A beautiful, elevated stand for enjoying your iPad, tablet or e-reader hands-free & without discomfort. Ideal in the bedroom or next to your favorite reading chair.


FLOTE | Hands Free Tablet Stands for iPad Kindle  eReaders

Both look like solidly built tablet accessories that will work with a wide range of different devices and serve you well for years to come. We’ve got one of the floor models on the way for review. In the meantime, you can  learn more here.




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