Poo-Pourri – Using Potty Humor to Sell a Great Product

Poo-Pourri - Using Potty Humor to Sell a Great Product

While waiting for a Lenovo video to load, this hilarious Poo-Pourri ad popped up. Usually I click SKIP as soon as the option is available, but not this time. Maybe it’s the 5th grader still trapped inside of me, but this video made me laugh; even funnier is that it’s a product I know works as advertised. Don’t ask; just enjoy.

And if you like that, then you won’t want to miss the blooper reel. 😉


Link: Poo-Pourri


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Judie Lipsett Stanford
I've had a fascination with all types of gadgets and gizmos since I was a child, beginning with the toy robot that my grandmother gave my brother - which I promptly "relieved him of" in 1973. I'm a self-confessed gadget magpie. I can't tell you how everything works, but I'm known world-wide for using a product until I have a full understanding of what it does, what its limitations are, and if it excels in any given area ... or not.
  • dancohen

    OMG!!! Who thinks of such things??? I have GOT to beleive she had a great time doing the 6000 takes it took to shoot that and not crack up

    • I felt sorry for the guy in the bloopers reel; trying to keep a straight face with her going on and on about what she was doing. 😉