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December 10, 2013 • Gear Bits

The Eternal Optimism of Bing Weather

It may not be clear here, but it was actively snowing HARD when this photo was taken

I have a few weather apps on my Lumia 928, but I’ve been keeping the Bing Weather app pinned to my launch screen because it looks the nicest. However, lately it has been all looks and no brain … either that, or it thinks if it doesn’t tell me how bad the weather is, I won’t notice the snow outside!

The photo above is what it looked like outside last night (snowing hard), and below is what Bing Weather claimed my local weather was like:


Weird, right? I could almost chalk it up to a fluke, or a skipped weather update, but this is what it thinks tomorrow looks like:

Of course, the main landing page for the Bing Weather app does link to a weather advisor of 2-4 inches tomorrow, but no one told the app, which cheerfully thinks it will be both partly sunny and a 90% chance of precipitation.

I really like the look of Bing Weather, but it’s back to Accuweather for me! It may not be as pretty, but at least it knows what the real weather is like outside!


2 Responses to " The Eternal Optimism of Bing Weather "

  1. Doug Miller says:

    I’ve been looking at nearly every weather app with widgets for Android in the last few weeks, and I’ve noticed weirdness like this as well – a widget telling me that it’s sunny when it’s clearly 100% overcast. That said, the info I really want from the widget is the current temp and wind, and, of course, a warning that bad weather is coming. So long as I get that, I’ll be ok with occasional missed forecast text info.

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