RUSSBE Reusable Snack Bags – Saving the Earth One Bag at a Time

RUSSBE1Packing your own lunch is often a cheaper and healthier alternative to eating out, so brown-bagging it is becoming even more popular among frugal workers. But think of all the disposable snack bags you’ve been paying for and contributing to the landfill. Fortunately, here comes RUSSBE Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags to the rescue!

According to RUSSBE, literally billions of disposable plastic sandwich bags are thrown away every year, where they pack our landfills and litter the streets. Traditional sandwich bags take over 500 years to decompose, so they’re not going away any time soon. This was a problem looking for a solution, and RUSSBE took on the case.

They have developed an offering of colorful reusable sandwich and snack bags can help significantly reduce your family’s waste every year while saving you money. These durable bags can be used hundreds of times and have the added benefit of being BPA, PVC, & phthalates free. Reinforced seams and a locking seal helps keep food fresh and prevents leakage in your lunch box, because nobody wants to know that you brought tuna fish into the office. Unlike cloth bags, RUSSBEs are stain resistant and easy to clean.


The bags come in several attractive patterns so that you can personalize your lunch or let your kids pick out their own favorites. Each set contains 4 reusable bags, 2 sandwich (7.25″ x 7.5″) and 2 snack (7.25″ x 4″). They are available for purchase at Amazon or from the company website for about $8.00 per set.

Another neat feature is the special flat bottom for the snack bag that allows it to act as a stand-up bowl so you can munch on pretzels or peanuts at your desk without the worry of spilling your food on your keyboard. A strip on each bag is designed to write your name to ward off the office snack thief, or to personalize each child’s bag so that Timmy doesn’t accidentally get Kaitlyn’s baby carrots instead of his Gummi Worms. (Really, Timmy. You need to learn to snack like a darned adult!) You can also write the date on the strip, so that leftovers don’t require carbon dating to determine their freshness.

For a thoughtful hostess present, or maybe a holiday gift for your favorite teacher, the RUSSBE Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags would make a super choice. Plus they fall under the price limit of just about any office gift exchange, so that makes them holiday appropriate. I won’t reveal who I drew in the Gear Diary office exchange, but I sure hope he/she likes baby carrots!

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