‘No More Woof’ Looks to Translate Dog Thoughts to Words, Raise Money on IndieGogo

No More Woof Prototype

No More Woof Prototype

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking? We would love to know what our pets want and if we could better take care of them. That’s the promise of No More Woof, a prototype from the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery in Sweden, which discovered a way to sample and ‘translate’ EEG patterns into common speech elements.

Using a Raspberry PI computer along with EEG electrodes to capture, analyze and report changes in brain activity with commonly associated human speech:

No More Woof is a small gadget that uses the latest technology in micro computing and EEG to analyse animal thought patterns and spell them out in Human Language* using a loudspeaker.

Among the patterns we have found are “I’m Tired”, “I’m Hungry” and the clearly intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face: “Who ARE you?”.

The product is a prototype right now, but they have launched an IndieGogo project to help fund the complex work of translating the prototype into a manufacturable product!

Head to NoMoreWoof.com for more info!

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