Links-IT Makes Your Pet’s Collar Safe and Stylish!

Sometimes we get pitches for gadgets that solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Other times, we get pitches for products that solve a problem that we didn’t know could be fixed. Links-It is solidly in the latter category, as it solves the issue of split-rings and pet collars, an annoyance all pet owners know too well!

Links-IT Makes Your Pet's Collar Safe and Stylish!

We’ve had to replace the split-ring for my dog’s collar several times over the years. Inevitably the wear and tear from being tossed around, plus removing and updating tags, leads to the rings wearing out or bending. Then we have to worry about losing tags, or worse, poor Porter getting scratched by his collar. To be honest, I’d never really thought about an alternative to the good old split-ring, but Links-IT is so simple I wish I’d known about it sooner!

Links-IT is basically a tough circle of plastic with overlapping ends. Then it’s bisected by a lock system that requires two hands to slide off, so once it’s been locked down there’s no accidentally moving it. This creates two sides, one for the D-Ring of a collar and the other for the various tags and other bling pets need.

Installation is a snap once you learn how to open the lock. Hook the d-ring on one side of the open Links-IT, and thread the tags on the other side, then snap the lock into place. It’s lightweight, cuts way down on the jingling, and won’t bend/snap/poke you or your pet. It’s also a lot more portable than the typical split-ring, since you can easily pop it off one collar or harness and onto another without losing a fingernail or jamming a screwdriver or key in to hold the ring open long enough to pull the d-ring through (I think every pet owner has a technique like this!)Links-IT Makes Your Pet's Collar Safe and Stylish!

I can already see the portability piece being a big help for us. My dog Porter often gets hotspots in the spring and summer, where he licks and scratches until he’s pulled off all the fur and exposed sensitive skin. One of the ways we try to avoid this is by removing his collar sometimes so his skin can breathe; with the Links-IT, we can transfer his tags to his chest harness, so we don’t have to worry about remembering to grab his collar and his harness when he goes out for a walk. Also, I can’t emphasize enough how much quieter his collar is with the Links-IT. We used to have to remove Porter’s collar every night when my son was an infant, because the JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE of tags and ring as Porter scratched in the middle of the night would inevitably wake up the baby.

It’s easy to see something like the Links-IT and think it’s yet another silly pet concept, but it solves some genuine issues; it’s quiet, safe, and portable, all items that pet owners can attest are difficult to find in a good collar/ring combo. And for only $7.99, they’re a cheap way to get peace of mind and some quiet, plus your pet will look styling with a range of color choices!

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Liked: Solid construction; easy to use; safer on pets and people than split rings; reasonably priced.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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