Evutec Karbon SP Series for iPhone 5S Looks Like Carbon Fiber Protects Like Kevlar

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Evutec’s Karbon SP Series of cases for the iPhone 5S may look like they are made from Carbon Fiber but they offer the protection of Kevlar and, as a result, offer 5 times the strength of steel at the same weight. Two layers of protection and a thin, light design come together in this $49.99 case.

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Evutec is a new case manufacturer to me and I’m impressed by what they have to offer. The Evutec Karbon SP Series for iPhone 5S offers great protection without adding significantly to the size and weight of the phone. Here’s a look on video.

As Evutec explains:

Dual fused layers of DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers outer shell 0.7mm thin with a removable TPU “Shock Proof” inner for protection. Thin, light-weight case with scratch resistant coating. DuPont™ Kevlar® is lightweight and extraordinarily strong, with five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis and it does not block your cellular signal.

The “not blocking your signal strength” thing is pretty significant since that has been an issue with some of the carbon fiber cases we have reviewed. Sure, this case doesn’t have that amazing carbon fiber look and feel but it is still impressive, still looks good and is still plenty light.

Curious how it is made? Take a look.

IPhone 5 5s | Karbon SP | Evutec

IPhone 5 5s | Karbon SP | Evutec

Pretty cool right?

The case comes in two parts. They come together to provide an excellent degree of protection for your iPhone 5S without adding too terribly to the size and weight of the device. One could easily use the interior TPU case on its own although that would be rather boring and the interior lining is designed to accept the outset shell. It is this shell that gives the Evutec Karbon SP Series for iPhone 5S its finished appearance. It is also the part of the case that lets it look carbon fiber-esque.

Here’s what the case looks like when it is taken apart and then placed on the iPhone.

The Evutec Karbon SP Series for iPhone 5S offers excellent protection, a cool look and a price that is more than reasonable. The use of Kevlar in the construction of the case itself is a neat thing to think about, but it has the practical advantage of letting the company create a case that is impressive in its strength and surprising in its weight … or lack there-of. You can learn more about it and order yours here.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Thin, light and very protective; Looks like carbon fiber but protects like Kevlar; No signal degradation

What Needs Improvement: No screen protector included; Not real carbon fiber so purists will not be happy.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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