Microsoft Gives an Early Christmas Present of Skydrive Storage to Windows Phone Users

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Microsoft Gives an Early Christmas Present of Skydrive Storage to Windows Phone Users Listen to this article


I really like Windows Phone. It works well for my needs, and I find I am more productive on the go with my Lumia 928 in hand. It also helps that Microsoft is very willing to keep Windows Phone users happy and loyal. Their latest plan-sending an email offering 20gb of SkyDrive storage to all Windows Phone users for one year!

This extra storage is on top of existing allotments, so I went from 7gb to 27gb, all for free! I really wish I could back up other services to SkyDrive, especially after mucking around in iCloud earlier this week to free up space to back up my iPad. As it is, SkyDrive is fast and easy enough to use that it was already my go-to storage provider. I love that I can snap a photo with my Lumia and have it be available in SkyDrive seconds later on my iPad. There have been times when it has been faster than photostream was when I used an iPhone/iPad combo!

Microsoft gets a lot of flak, but as someone with a few toes in their ecosystem, I can tell things are drastically different from ten years ago. This isn’t the Microsoft of old, this is a company trying to change and rebuild, and they recognize that rewarding loyalty and early adopters is a great way to start!

If you’re a Windows Phone user, did you get your email yet? How much storage does this get you?

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