Soft-Tec Wallet Is Element Case Protection for Your iPad Mini

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Element Case may have begun as an iPhone case company but they have steadily expanded their offerings. Judie recently reviewed two of their Samsung GALAXY S4 cases and was impressed. We’ve got one of their Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPad Mini cases in hand as well. Thanks to its simple but elegant styling it too has won us over.

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As Element Case explains,

This new category of protective cases from Element Case represents portability, functionality and exclusive high tech materials in sleek folding designs.

The outer Tech Grip material features a non-slip synthetic coating to ensure a firm grip and an overall enhanced ergonomic experience with your portable device. The inside is lined with plush synthetic suede to protect the touchscreen. A high impact polycarbonate shell holds the device in the case and is coated in a black rubber tone satin finish to enhance the high tech look and feel.

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I have to admit that, upon opening the box containing the Soft-Tec Wallet, I was a bit surprised. This is indeed a “new category of protective case from Element Case”. There is no CNC machined aluminum to be seen. There’s no machined G10 either. No, this case reflects the softer side of Element Case.

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A closer look at the included screen protector, shammy and application card did, however, reflect the approach we have come to expect from Element Case. This is a case designed to offer complete protection to your iPad mini. It features:

  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Durable Tech-Grip covering
  • Plush synthetic suede interior
  • Stand for adjustable viewing angle
  • Easy access to buttons and jacks
  • Camera lens opening

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The back reflects the quality build of this case. Two different materials are used and they come together in a manner that is clean, precise and sturdy. The fact that the Soft-Tec material wraps from the front of the case to the back means you will have an easier time keeping a grip on your iPad mini when carrying it.

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The soft, bright interior material looks bold without trying too hard and cradles both sides of the iPad in a gentle, iPad-friendly material. There’s nothing too terribly fancy here but that isn’t a bad thing. The case doesn’t scream for attention. It does, however, offer good protection all around.

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And, of course, this folio-style case also serves as a stand for viewing video. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that, thanks to the soft but textured material used on the case’s interior the iPad can be set at a variety of different angles and stays put. As previously noted, it is a simple but effective design.

Here’s a look on camera.


At CES 2014 Element Case announced their Soft-Tec Pro for iPad and iPad mini. That means they now offer two cases for each size iPad.

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This new line of cases will work with a series of upcoming accessories. It is a “modular solution”, includes a polycarbonate back plate and protective front cover and ship[s with a lanyard or shoulder strap. The line looks great but stands in stark contrast with the non-Pro version’s simple approach. At $59.95, the non-Pro version of the Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet is also $10 less.

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I like the Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for iPad mini. It’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done. If you like using a folio-style case with your tablet and are looking for an understated way to carry, protect and used your iPad mini on the go it is a great option. Learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $59.95

What I Like: Simple; Protective; Well-made; Built in stand for viewing; Includes screen protector

What Needs Improvement: A departure from Element Case’s phone designs and materials that fans of their cases may or may not like

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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