Kidco GoPod Review – a Portable Hangout for Infants that Grows with Your Child

When my son was born, he was pretty portable. When we went out, he slept in his infant car seat. At home, he could hang out in his rock ‘n play. Unfortunately, he quickly outgrew many of these, and when traveling for the holidays we needed someplace safe and portable. Luckily, I stumbled across the Kidco GoPod!

WP_20140120_003_marked The GoPod is similar to a bouncer seat, in that it supports a baby standing and balancing themselves, but it doesn’t bounce. The material is very similar to camping chairs, and it’s obvious that those were the inspiration for the GoPod, since it folds into a compact package and slides into a small carry bag just like folding camp chairs. There isn’t anything terribly fancy about it-there are two cup holders, fabric hooks for toys, and that’s it. The height is adjustable, so it grows with your child. There’s also an attached fabric floor, so your little one’s feet aren’t directly on the ground, making this handy if you need it for outdoor use.


It’s quite simple, but it is one of our favorite baby items. Our son loves hanging out in the GoPod while we cook, and it keeps him entertained for quite a while. It also encourages him to try standing-we often see him standing essentially unsupported, and when he gets unsteady he can just sit right there and continue playing. And while he’s too little to keep food and drinks in the cup holders, we discovered they are a great place to store extra toys for him. He gets bored with what he’s playing with, and now he knows to peek in the cup holders for something new. It’s both cute and handy if you’re in the middle of prepping dinner, or we need to put him down while corralling the dog or unpacking groceries.


The GoPod really shines with how portable it is. No matter how packed the car is, there’s room for the GoPod, since it compacts down to a sleek package that’s only 7 pounds. It means when we’re visiting family and friends, the little guy has a safe spot to hang out and play. The fact that it helps him develop strength and balance as well makes it even more valuable! At $50, it may seem a bit steep for fabric and metal, but consider this: the GoPod conceivably can be used for over a year before my son outgrows it. Seats like the Bumbo designed to help kids learn to sit up cost almost as much, and are only used for a few months at most! Based on how long we hope to use it, the GoPod is a bargain!

MSRP: $49.99, find it at Buy Buy Baby

What I Like: Folds up into a compact package; Thoughtfully designed; Grows with the baby; Encourages baby to learn to stand

What Needs Improvement: Raising the height can be confusing at first

Source: Personal Purchase

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