Oberon Design Gives Valentine’s Day Grinches a Reason to Participate

oberon design valentines day

If you participate in the emotional vortex that is called Valentine’s Day, and you have no idea where to start looking for original and meaningful gifts this year, then you’ll want to check out Oberon Design. They have added limited editions that include copious amounts of hearts and red-drenched leather.

Please allow me to digress for a moment. I’m a Grinch when it comes to Valentine’s Day — I don’t celebrate it, and I don’t see the need for it. I feel like Valentine’s Day is the worst sort of Hallmark Holiday; it’s a day that was contrived to make everyone feel inadequate — not just those who pass through the 14th without the “benefit” of being in a relationship. It’s even worse for those who do have a Valentine’s Day sweetheart, because the day is nothing but an opportunity to stress over cards that can never truly convey how they feel and gifts that will always fall short. Who needs that kind of pressure?

If you love someone, there shouldn’t be a need for a single day to show and tell them how special they are; we shouldn’t need a date on the calendar to remind us to be sweet and let someone know that we care, right?.

Okay, I’m done ranting. And I should probably disclose that I do give Valentine’s Day cards and gifts my kids and grandkids, because yay — candy! 😉

Even so, I absolutely love the limited edition products Oberon Design has put on their site; they are only available until February 28th, but there is no law that they need be given on the 14th, right?


I’ve got my eye on the $79 Limited Edition Valentines Sweet Pea Heart Wristlet. It measures 6 7/8″ wide x 5″ tall, and it has a 3.75″ wide x 6″ long pouch inside that would be big enough to hold many smartphones.


I’d also be tempted to buy their Limited Edition Valentines Love Birds Journal if they made it as a cover for the Kindle Paperwhite or the iPad mini. My wallet thanks them that it is not.

You should check out Oberon Design’s limited editions; they make gifts that your special person will enjoy on any day.

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