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February 3, 2014 • Gear Bits

Marshawn Loves to Win, Loves to Dance, and Loves his Monster 24K Headphones


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If you saw the post-game coverage, or read a newspaper this morning, then you most likely saw Marshawn Lynch celebrating his team’s Super Bowl win by dancing in a pair of brightly blinged out Monster 24K headphones. These headphones, first announced at CES 2014, are $279.95 on Monster Headphone’s site. Missed Marshawn’s dance? Check it out.Photos 2

Fact is, in addition to wearing the headphones during his victory dance, Marshawn has been wearing the Monster 24K headphones since mid-January. And while the bright gold-colored headphones aren’t to my taste, they really do look like they belong on him — especially now that he’ll be wearing his blinging Super Bowl ring along with the headphones.


They kinda go together well, don’t you think?

Photos 3

Marshawn used them to tune out the media after refusing to do interviews, so in place of interviews they ran stories on his dance moves. You can see some of them here on, here at USA Today, here and here. I suspect he is more fond of the headphones today than ever.

Photos 1

The Monster 24K feature

  • Pure Monster Sound in 24k
  • Professional DJ-Style Swiveling Earcups
  • Iconic Design
  • Super Plush Cushions
  • Advanced Audio Technology
  • ControlTalk Universal In Line Controls

Currently back ordered, but you can get them here.

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