NYC I.V. Doctor Will Make HouseCalls with Hangover Cure

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NYC I.V. Doctor Will Make HouseCalls with Hangover Cure Listen to this article

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Did you party a bit too hard last night during the Super Bowl? If this morning is not treating you kindly, and if you live in the NYC area, then you might want to give the I.V. Doctor a call. “Party without worrying about a hangover” and “discover why so many celebrities and socialites turn to the I.V. Doctor.” How exactly?

David Blend has a full accounting of his experience with the I. V. Doctor posted on the Thrillist today. I had no idea anything like this was available anywhere, but I’m not going to lie, there are times in my not too distant past when I might have wanted to take advantage of such a service.

Would you ever consider having a doctor, RN or PA show up at your house to administer an IV so that you could function at full capacity the day after over indulging?

Is There Finally a Cure for Hangovers?

The I. V. Doctor

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