Incipio Has Got Your New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Covered!

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the sleekest superphones available now, and one of the first things you’ll want to do when you get yours will be to put it in a case that doesn’t take away from its good looks or thin form. Incipio can help!

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I was sent a selection of Incipio Design Series cases for the S7 Edge; three of them offer excellent minimal protection, and one takes that protection a step further. Let’s take a look.

This gold chevron Isla case shown here is essentially the same as the silver Isla chevron case and the silver striped Wesley cases shown above. The Isla case is exceptionally thin yet protective; the clear plastic case has a metallic foil design that is coated in a “premium scratch resistant finish”. Best of all, the case does not interfere with wireless charging, if that is your preferred mode for powering up.

When your S7 edge is in this or the Wesley case, every corner is protected, and all ports and buttons are accessible. This $34.99 case is so thin and lovely, I think it is my new favorite!

If you think you need a bit more shock-proof protection, then you should take a look at the DualPro Glitter case series. This two piece case consists of a thin see-through outer plastic shell with a shock-absorbing rubber inner case.

Amazingly enough, the $34.99 DualPro doesn’t add much more bulk to the svelte S7 Edge, but it doubles down on protectiveness. And yes, you can still wirelessly charge through this case, too!

You can check out all of the Incipio Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases.

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