Just Mobile AluCup and AluFrame for iPhone 5

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We’re fans of Just Mobiles iPhone, iPad and Mac accessories and enjoyed spending time with them during CES 2013. During that meeting the company was kind enough to give us a look at some of their upcoming products- the Just Mobile AluCup and AluFrame. The Just Mobile AluCup and the  AluFrame have now been formally released and are currently shipping. Let’s take a quick look at them.

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The Just Mobile AluCup is described as a multi-purpose desktop stand for iPhone and iPad Mini. As is the case with almost all of Just Mobile’s products, the AluCup is made from a single piece of high-grade aluminium. That gives the AluCup its impressive looks and strength. To keep your iPhone safe, whether on top of it is sitting safely inside, the company includes an inset of soft rubber. This inset is what changes the color… and look… of the AluCup.

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The AluCup looks different from any other iPhone stand on the market, but it is more than good looks since it creates a “rock-solid upright stand when you sit your iPhone inside it”. In addition, the rubber insert offers enough friction that you can lay the phone on top of it and not worry about it slipping. It even works with the iPad and iPad mini. Rounding out the functionality of this simple but thoughtfully designed accessory, are the four cable slots that allow your connector to slip into the AluCup and charge whichever device you have sitting on top of it. Available in black, red, blue and yellow for $29.95, you can learn more here.

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The Just Mobile AluFrame for iPhone 5 is described as “The aluminium shield for iPhone 5”. We’ve had our issues with aluminum bumpers for the iPhone but were assured this bumper would not cause significant signal degradation. We hope that’s the case because this aluminum frame for the iPhone 5. looks terrific. The AluFrame wraps around the iPhone’s edges and shields them behind a protective layer of rubber and metal. It is a great way to protect your iPhone 5 without losing the clean lines and phenomenal industrial design of the current iPhone.

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The AluFrame stands out thanks to its catch mechanism that requires no tools and allows you to simply and easily put on or remove the AluFrame in a matter of seconds. The Just Mobile AluFrame for iPhone 5 is available in silver and black for $69.95. You can learn more on the Just Mobile website.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on both the Just Mobile AluCup and Just Mobile AluFrame in the next few days.

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