Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphones Offer Bright Colors and Plenty of Bass

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If you are looking for a pair of headphones with plenty of bass, bright colors and the Monster name, AND you want something for under $150, you’ll want to check out the Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphones. These headphones aren’t for the audiophile, but they will make someone who loves fun music and gaming quite happy.

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Monster targets these headphones toward youth. That is clear from descriptions such as

Headphones with Attitude: You’ve got something to say. It’s in your look, your persona, and most of all, your music. N-TUNE helps you shout it — from its slick, on-ear design to the pounding bass that kicks your sound up to a totally new level.

It is clear from the bright, eye-popping colors that are available. And it is clear from the fit of the headphones which, on my ears, were a bit tight.

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As is usually the case, Monster serves up a nice unboxing experience. An outer box, slips off to reveal an inner box with a slight angle to it. Open it up and you are presented with the colorful headphones.

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Inside you will find the headphones, a soft bag so you can throw the headphones into a backpack without worrying they’ll get scratched up and a ControlTalk Universal cable that lets you remotely control your phone and your music on the go.

Got a Call? Stop the music. Talk. Start it again. Fingertip phone control with on-cable ControlTalk for Android, tablets and many other smartphones. They have tangle-free cables so they’re easy to throw on and go. They’re full of fun and function all the way down to the durable, low profile right angle connector.

The headphones also come with a cleaning cloth, so you can wipe off the fingerprints they are sure to attract.

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The build of the light, plastic headphones is rather impressive. Targeted toward youth, the N-Tune headphones were “engineered to be super tough and designed for durability”. The box even shows them twisting the headphones around without the band snapping. That’s pretty impressive, especially for headphones at this price point.

Keep an eye out as we will be giving the review sample away soon!

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I’m a big fan of the fact that you can connect the cable to either of the two ear cups. That’s always a nice feature since it means you can connect the audio source in the manner most convenient to your current situation. It also means you can share your music with someone else. Just connect your audio source to one ear cup and connect your friend’s headphone cable to the other, and you’ll both be able to listen at the same time. It’s not a feature I can see using all that often, but for the few times the need presents itself it is a nice thing to have.

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The Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphones are engineered to accentuate the highs and lows. That means the mids are a bit reduced — not muddy, but pulled back a bit. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean these aren’t the kind of easy-listening headphones you’ll want to put on while sitting in front of a fire and sipping a cup of coffee. They aren’t a pair of studio monitors that serve up music with a flat response. No, these are for letting your music move you. Best of all, it lets the younger set have a pair of “fashion headphones” for a good price. They’ll love the headphones, and you’ll love the fact that they are tough enough to put up with most everything that is thrown at them.

MSRP: $149.99 ($129.99  in our Amazon Affiliate Store)

What I Like: Available in a range of colors; Tough!; Offer style the younger crowd will love; Booming bass that will keep you moving; Music share and the ability to connect cable to either ear cup

What Needs Improvement: I found them a bit tight and, as a result, uncomfortable after a time; Tuned for people who love bass

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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