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February 20, 2014 • Gear Bits

Lay Claim to Your Soda or Beer With CanStamp

A Tiny Stamp Brands Your Can To Make Sure No One Steals Your Drink

Want to make your can of Bud stand out during a party? Want to lay claim to your Diet Coke when vacationing with others? If you answered yes, the $8 CanStamp is for you. Featuring statements like “mine”, “in use” and “fuel” it is a fun and kinda practical way to personalize your can. Check it out.

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That noted, in a world of roofies it’s probably better to keep hold of your drink when in a crowd. When they come out with a kit that lets you create custom sayings though, I’m all in!


CanStamp via GearMoose via Likecool via Gizmodo

Thanks Ryan!




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