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March 13, 2014 • News

Transporter Transports Your Files Anywhere You Are


I’m a huge fan of Dropbox and make good use of my 150GB of cloud storage. Still, the fact that I have only 150 GB, have to pay for it, AND my files are on someone else’s server is a bit of a bummer. Connected Data’s Transporter may be the alternative; better still, it just got some great new features.

Transporter Store

Connected Data’s Transporter is “the world’s first peer-to-peer private cloud storage platform.” It takes just minutes to set up, and you will start enjoying cloud storage that is actually stored locally. You see, the Transporter connects to a local drive (The Transporter sync is “bring your own drive” while the other versions include a drive), and then it makes any files stored on that drive available anywhere, anytime. It works with a USB 2.0 or 3.0 drive, works with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Best of all, once you buy the device your outlay of cash is over. That’s right, there’s no monthly fee and, if you need more storage capacity, you simply swap your current drive out for a larger one.

The update, announced just today, includes a few features that make the product even more compelling. Among them are:


The ability to automatically protect photos taken on with a mobile device via Camera Upload.


Special Folders that allow you to store and sync whatever data you want, and have it saved in the location of your choosing.


Selective Sync that lets you choose and sync only the files desired and then put them on the devices you choose.


Best of all, as the new announcement explains, “The Transporter Library allows you to free up space on your local hard drive and store directly to the Transporter Sync”. Considering Judie’s and my MacBook Pros top out at 500GB, this is a fantastic solution to an ongoing challenge we have both faced. Learn more here.

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  1. AR says:

    Isn’t this similar to Pogoplug? Pogoplug has one advantage that it allows a USB hub to be attached while it looks like Transporter sync does not allow a USB hub.

    What are the advantages of Transporter over Pogoplug?

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