Did You Hear That?! Danish Company LIZN Awarded for Their Cutting Edge Hearpieces

A CES Innovation Awards Honoree designation is nothing to gloss over, and the LIZN Hearpieces are as innovative as you can get at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2018. And the Hearpieces are a GREAT product that has many use cases.

By combining advanced hearing aid technology and cell phone components — the LIZN Hearpieces provide not only Bluetooth compatibility for listening to your music and taking phone calls, but they also benefit from advance hearing functionalities. With directional microphones and internal software, you can easily hear the person in front of you while isolating the background noise, making it easy to hear the conversation you’re currently having.

We’ve all been there where we turn the volume up to drown out the noise behind and around us, but all that results in is just loud noise. But with the LIZN Hearpieces, that’s no longer needed.

The LIZN Hearpieces provide an open fitting where there is no occlusion effect, making the sound of your own voice natural. This makes it easier to keep up and participate in conversations, while concurrently providing you with a relaxed feeling of control because you do not have to spend energy listening, Michael Lovbjerg, CEO of LIZN explains.

Designed in collaboration with Torben Madsen, the Head of Design with the Scandinavian architect office LINK and former VOLA Product Designer, the Hearpieces stylistically pull off the phrase “less is more” with their circular shape which expresses simplicity, all while improving the user’s ability to comprehend speech. For more information on the LIZN Hearpieces you can head over to their site here.

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