HTC One (M8) Unveiled – Available Now


HTC today unveiled the HTC One (M8) – an upgrade ( 5.0 inch screen vs prior 4.7 inch screen) front facing 5 mp camera –  to their premium line of Android smartphones. Touting the continued use of metal housing and breakthrough antenna technology HTC introduces a phone with 90% metal (up from 70% in the prior version).


HTC One (M8)

Throughout the presentation – complete with obligatory behind-the-scenes design video – they compared the HTC One M8 to fine jewelry. The phone touts Android KitKat 4.4, with the latest features from Google. Also updated is HTC’s proprietary skin – Sense 6.0 which includes BlinkFeed. Unlike prior editions of HTC devices both Blinkfeed and Zoe image editing applications will be available separately in the Google Play Store.

Battery size on the upgrade model is 2600mAh vs the prior size of 2300 mAh.  A new feature called “Extreme Power Saving Mode” can stretch batter life an extra 15 hours by shutting down non-essential features (background updates, email fetches, location data). The phone’s BoomSound speaker system are touted as 25% louder than the previous model. That’s impressive and useful for those who use their smartphone for group movie viewing.

One interesting new accessory is the $50 attachable case which uses a new Dot View to create a Light-Bright like display communicating information such as time,  caller ID and weather.



The phone will be available in three colors gunmetal gray, glacial silver and amber gold starting March 25th. The developer edition will cost $ 650 and Google Play edition $ 699.

HTC One (M8)

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  1. I think this looks pretty cool, though I know not everyone loves the Sense skin. If you had to choose between this or the upcoming S5 (no other choices) which would you pick?

  2. Carly, hands down I would pick this phone. Samsung has yet to “get it” when it comes to premium phone design. They are sticking to their plasticky roots, which I despise. I prefer smartphones and electronics in general that have a premium design feel to them, and Samsung smartphones just don’t cut it. Frankly, LG has taken a step backward with the G Flex as opposed to the G2 (which I think actually feels OK in the hand).

    I think it’s a bit odd because I do like Samsung’s LCD TV’s and a lot of their laptops/ultrabooks.

  3. It is taking everything I have not to drive to verizon this weekend and trade in my 928.
    I am very seriously considering it. But I know intellectually that I should try to get the 928 fixed and get a year out of it.
    First step is to try Nokia’s warranty repair…and stay out of all Verizon stores in the meantime.
    Sent from my iPad

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