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Hopefully the use of emergency lighting is reserved for camping and outdoor activities, but sometimes inclement weather and other events leave us in the dark. Either way, having lighting options with multiple charging possibilities can help keep us safe and comfortable. The Secur Dynamo Spotlight Lantern is a $35 product that will bring light and help charge your devices.

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The Dynamo Spotlight Lantern is an emergency light that includes spotlight, lantern and emergency beacon all rolled into one. With four ways to charge the device, changing batteries are a thing of the past. The light can be charged via USB ports from computers, home or auto plugs, solar panels or by cranking the dynamo generator on top of the unit. The spotlight puts out 18 Lumens for 5.5 hours while the lantern shines at 32 Lumens for 135 minutes. The red emergency light will last a whopping 30 hours on a full charge. One minute of cranking on the dynamo yields 15 minutes on the spotlight, 6 minutes on the lantern and 120 minutes of red emergency light.

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The adjustable handle allows the spotlight to be held like a traditional flashlight or upright as a spotlight. The three LED bulbs provide sufficient light if being used as a flashlight. In now way is this a high performance spotlight, but with the long run time and charging features, the light is perfect to use around the house or in case of emergency. I am leaving the light next to my bed in case for power outages or stormy nights.

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The lantern feature is much brighter than the spotlight and can essentially give enough light to function in a room. My only gripe about this product is when the light is setting on a table, the lights are located on the bottom and reflect off of the top. While this gives off a lot of light, the location of the LED’s really bothered my eyes. If the lantern could sit easily on the opposite end, I had no issues being blinded by the small lights. On the flip side, if hanging the lantern in a tree or above the line of sight, the lighting is pleasant and usable. A single button toggles through the lights. First press turns on the spotlight, second lights up the lantern, third initiates the red emergency lights and a fourth turns the unit off.

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The Secur Dynamo Spotlight Lantern is an affordable and capable emergency lighting option. I plan on taking the unit camping with us this summer as well as keeping it charged during thunderstorm and tropical storm seasons. In case of zombies, I always have a solar panel and can crank the dynamo generator to light the way. The product is light and compact and can easily fit in a backpack when in the outdoors. This is a good product that I hope to use for fun and not need for emergencies, but should that present itself, we will be prepared.

Secur Dynamo Spotlight Lantern

MRSP: $35

What I like: Three lighting options with four charging options makes this light perfect for nearly any situation.

What can be improved: I wish the LED’s were on the top side of the lantern rather than the bottom to keep from shining directly into my eyes.

Source: Manufacturers supplied sample

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