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Soundfreaq Sound Rise

Last year Soundfreaq released a number of nicely priced Bluetooth speakers and docks with impressive features and excellent sound for the money. Now they have announced the availability of their newest speaker, the Soundfreaq Sound Rise. The Sound Rise is a modern take on the bedside alarm clock; it has all the features you want and then some.

SFQ 08WT Sound Rise Studio Clipped HI QTR LFT iPhone

The alarm clock was first announced at CES 2014 and received some awards in the process. The speaker is actually an updated version of Soundfreaq’s original bedroom speaker. It maintains “the familiar features found in old-school alarm clocks, but with much improved functionality and added features to complement today’s modern lifestyle.”

The Soundfreaq Sound Rise streams audio via Bluetooth and, as we have seen on other Soundfreaq products, also has a universal USB power port for charging smartphones. The Sound Rise has dual alarms with both weekday and weekend settings. The ability of the speaker to gradually increase the alarm volume lets people wake up a bit more gently than they would were the alarm clock to simply start blasting “BEEP!!!! BEEP!!!! BEEP!!!!”

As Matthew Paprocki, co-founder and creative director of Soundfreaq notes:

Nightstands quickly get cluttered with lots of things so we wanted to create a simple, smart, and compact modern alarm clock that looks beautiful in your bedroom and brings more music into your life. Many people are using the same alarm clock that they’ve had for years, way before they started using a smartphone, while others just rely on their smartphone as their alarm. Sound Rise was designed for everyone, offering classic alarm and radio functionality as well as wireless streaming for in-bed entertainment and a universal USB phone charger, so everyone can wake up ready for the day with a fully charged phone. While you may be upgrading your phone every few years, we hope that Sound Rise will be a constant bedside companion that wakes you up with a everyday with a song.

Features include:

  • An upright design that reduces the footprint
  • An adjustable display that ranges from extra bright to total blackout
  • A custom font that optimizes readability without filling a room with excess light
  • A dedicated button to use either as a sleep timer to fall asleep to music for a set period of time or as a nap timer to nap for 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120-minutes.
  • An line-in for any device with a 3.5mm standard headphone jack
  • An FM radio with clear digital tuning

With the Soundfreaq Sound Rise, both you and your phone wake up refreshed. The all-black version will be available for $69 at Target and Target.com. The taupe/wood version of Sound Rise will available for $79 on Soundfreaq.com and Amazon.com. You can learn more here.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Gallery


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