Siri Says, “Keep it in Your Pouch”

Back in February we reviewed Sena’s Creativo pouch for the iPhone 4 and 4S. I loved the look and the feel and found it to be one of the classiest ways to protect my iPhone. At the time I was rarely carrying my iPhone sans case but, in the months since, it has become increasingly common for me to do just that. As a result, both the Creativo and the Sena UltraSlim pouch have seen more use that ever.

Siri Says, "Keep it in Your Pouch"

In my review of the $39.99 I wrote the following:

… if Sena were to make it possible to activate the Home button (and hence activate Siri) while the iPhone was still in the pouch it would reduce the frequency of needing to remove the iPhone…

Well I went back to the pouch last week and discovered something rather nice – after using it for a while, the leather has gotten just a bit softer. As a result, I am now able to activate Siri WHILE the iPhone is in the pouch. That means there is less reason than ever to pull my iPhone out. That saves time and energy, and it means my iPhone is 100% protected more consistently.

Siri Says, "Keep it in Your Pouch"

That led me to see whether I could do the same thing with Sena’s UltraSlim pouch. They describe it as

…the thinnest leather case ever designed for any mobile device. It is perfect for those who prefer zero bulk.

The $29.99 pouch is soft. As a result activating the iPhone’s home button is simple. And, thanks to the small holes in the bottom, audio in and out is able to make it through the leather. In other words, here too there is no need to pull your iPhone out. Just activate the home button, and let Siri do the rest.

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