Your iPhone is Your Car Key With Viper SmartKey

Your iPhone is Your Car Key With Viper SmartKey

These days, remote start and keyless entry systems for cars are pretty standard, whether they’re standard features offered by the manufacturer or dealer, or something added with aftermarket accessories. Viper has taken that convenience one step further. Their new SmartKey VSK100 allows your iOS smartphone to be your car key, no app launch or passcode entry required.

While the VSK100 doesn’t include all of the features and capabilities of the original SmartStart system, such as remote start, trunk release, and automatic GPS location/speed notifications, it doesn’t require a monthly service plan either. Once your iPhone is properly configured, a Bluetooth connection to the Viper SmartKey allows you to lock or unlock your car based solely on your proximity.

The Viper VSK100 is available now for $149.99, and works with most Viper security or remote start systems. More information and availability are at the Viper web site.

SmartKey VSK100



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    Great… now I can butt dial my car… gahhhh