HyperJuice 2 External Battery for MacBook Pro: Power When You Need It

I’ve written many reviews on extended battery packs for mobile devices, but this is the first time I’ve had an external battery that was capable of charging my MacBook Air or MacBook Pro along with all my other mobile devices at the same time. Why would anyone need or want something as big and powerful as the HyperJuice? Well …


What if I told you that anxiously checking your laptop’s battery meter during day-long seminars because you didn’t get a seat near an outlet could be a thing of the past? What if I said that with the HyperJuice you could easily recharge your laptop and your tablet multiple times — on even the longest overseas flight? What if worrying about charging your mobile devices while camping or during long power outages could be a thing of the past?

The HyperJuice 2 External Battery is a portable solution for almost power issue scenario that you can imagine. How much extra power does 27,000 mAh give you? With this battery you can:

  • Extend MacBook by up to 24 hours
  • Extend iPad Air by up to 31 hours
  • Extend iPad 3G/4G by up to 23.5 hours
  • Extend iPad 1G/2G by up to 40 hours
  • Extend iPad mini Retina by 42 hours
  • Extend iPad mini by 61 hours
  • or recharge iPhone 18 times

There are three different package configurations available: the first, at $299.99, consists of the battery only. You’ll need to provide your own MagSafe Airline Adapter (a discontinued product), or you’ll need to purchase the Magic Box (the MagSafe modification kit that’s sold separately) so that you can connect the HyperJuice battery to your MacBook. The Magic Box adds either $50 (DIY version) or $100 (pre-made version) to your original purchase cost.


Let’s talk about the battery for just a moment. As an approximately 8″ long x 4.75″ wide x 1″ thick aluminum-clad book-sized brick weighing one pound 13.7 ounces, unless you are the type who enjoys loading yourself down like a pack-mule, this 100Wh/27,000 mAh battery isn’t something you’d want to casually toss in your laptop bag. But on those days when you know you’ll need it, the freedom that this battery offers will make the extra weight worth the schlep.

HyperJuice 2 – A Powerful Brick

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The battery on its own will power any mobile phone or tablet with the proper USB cable or cables plugged in, but in order to make it work with your MacBook, there are other parts necessary. If you purchase the $49.95 Magic Box MagSafe modification kit, you’ll need to modify your own MagSafe charger. According to the company site, it only takes a few minutes to attach the two Magic Box adapters to your MagSafe power adapter cord.

This How-To video is not in English, but as one of its commenters said, a picture is worth 1000 words. It will give you an idea of the tools and techniques needed to do the modification.

Once the Magic Box has been installed, you can:

  • Recharge HyperJuice with Apple MagSafe Power Adapter. No need to carry separate power adapter
  • Use as normal MagSafe Power Adapter to charge MacBooks

The kit includes a car charger, so you can now use your MacBook anywhere a 12V port is available in addition to being able to charge it from the HyperJuice battery.

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If the thought of performing surgery on your MagSafe power adapter gives you the willies, you can order a pre-made Magic Box Modified MagSafe Power Adapter for $149.95 ($100 if purchased with the extended battery). There are a couple of reasons why I think it’s a good idea to order one of these pre-made kits:

  • You’ll know the modification was done correctly (apologies to any of you who know what you are doing, but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it myself)
  • You’ll now have a spare MagSafe charger cable for travel
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Includes a one-year warranty

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My husband’s MacBook Pro 17″ is several generations old; as a result, it uses a different MagSafe connector than my first generation 15″ MacBook Pro retina or my current generation 11″ MacBook Air. The same modified MagSafe charger works with both, because a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter was included.

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The complete kit is composed of quite a few cables and loose parts; if I had to pick out one thing that I felt was missing, it would probably be an included storage bag of some kind. Granted, people have different needs and tastes, so it’s probably just as well that I can pick out my own.

Charging the HyperJuice battery pack is done by plugging the included AC adapter into the DC in port on the left front of the battery. The OLED status box shows how much battery is left, whether it is charging or discharging, and the battery’s temperature.

The OLED status box shows how much battery is left, whether it is charging or discharging, and the battery's temperature.

In order to use the battery on a MacBook, you simply plug the appropriate cable into the HyperJuice and then press the round power button on the right of the OLED display for 4-6 seconds, until the display powers on.


This is one of those items that you’ll either immediately think of forty uses for — and then order, or you’ll hem and haw … and figure you’ve made it this far without one, why get one now? But if you do get a HyperJuice 2, you’ll be prepared the next time you walk into a day-long conference, the next time you have an overseas flight, or the next time there is a serious power outage. You’re the only one who can decide how much having power when you need it is worth to you, but I think it is pretty awesome.


MSRP: $299.95 for the extended battery; as tested + $349.95 including the pre-made Magic Box Modified MagSafe Power Adapter

What I Like: The freedom to travel and attend events without worrying about whether mobile devices and MacBooks will stay powered; portable; OLED display gives immediate battery status information

What Needs Improvement: It seems a little bit odd that there is no storage bag included, considering all of the cables and parts

Source: The HyperJuice 2 External Battery for MacBook Pro was a manufacturer supplied review sample

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