The Case for the Torkia TL-7010S Professional Lens Case

Torkia TL 7010S Professional Camera Case  28

If you carry an extra lens with your DSLR or mirror less camera you want to make sure it stays safe. Large camera bags are great but a small case like the Torkia TL-7010S Professional Lens Case may be just the thing. T works great with my Panasonic camcorder too! Best of all this quality case is also inexpensive.Torkia TL 7010S Professional Camera Case  28 009

Torkia explains the logic behind this case quite well when they write

Pancake lenses are so slight that can fit with your camera almost anywhere, and long zooms always have plenty of case options, but what can you do about those small-to-medium lenses that are too big for your camera bag, and too small for larger lens cases?

The case is designed to offer serious protection to your precious glass or, in my case, pricey HD camcorder. The Torkia TL-7010S Professional Lens Case is made from 1680 Denier Nylon fabric. This gives it a water-resistant and abrasion-proof exterior. It looks… And feels… substantial which is exactly what you want in a protective case.

Tokia also saw fit to use strong YKK metal zippers and metal carabiner clips on the side. The clips work with the included adjustable shoulder strap if that is your preferred way to carry a small case like this. It also has a double hook-and-loop Velcro fastening for belts and a sturdy strip of webbing on the top that can serve as a handle or be used to attach it to the strap of another bag. I don’t personally see using the shoulder strap or belt clip to do like the option to fasten the case to the strap of a camera backpack.

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The same thought went into the design of the inside of the case where you will find a padded closed-cell lining. All in all whatever you place into the case will be cradled in layers of protective goodness.

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The top of the case has two slots for memory cards and the back portion has a velcro-secured slot for stowing small flat items, some business cards or some cash. It is a small case that is perfectly suited for protecting an extra lens but then goes the extra step of offering some nice additional funcitonality.

Torkia TL-7010S Professional Lens Case

And as if all this wasn’t impressive enough in a sub-$35 case, the Torkia TL-7010S Professional Lens Case can extend from its standard depth of 5″ to a full 7.5″ by simply unzipping the bottom zipper.

In all there is nothing cheap about the lens case except the actual price and I feel quite comfortable letting it protect my $800 camcorder. I’m impressed and you will be too. Check it out here.

MSRP: $34.99

What I Like: Amazingly well designed, especially for something under $35; Multiple ways to carry and secure the case; Offers excellent protection; Woks just as well for my camcorder as it does for a lens

What Needs Improvement: Not a thing

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Torkia TL-7010S Professional Lens Case

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