Got the latest PlayStation 4 Update with Share Factory? Good, Now Use It!

Got the latest PlayStation 4 Update with Share Factory? Good, Now Use It!

PlayStation 4 owners got a substantial system update in late April 2014 (1.70), which features several great “bells and whistles”, including Share Factory – a unique video editing tool. In this PlayStation 4 update, Share Factory appears in the main menu after the update and lets players show off their film making skills a bit more.

This update will also makes shared material more entertaining. The Share Factory tool lets players use picture-in-picture video commentary, mesh video clips together, and add other media and effects. Players can just press square and triangle to save video clips and screenshots now. Players can also remove saves and export to a USB device as well.

This PlayStation 4 update also includes a big change is an disable/enable option for the high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP), which no lets players “capture and stream using any capture device with HDMI in.” Players can also change the brightness level on the DUALSHOCK®4 controller light bar. Players can now enjoy a setting where they can download pre-ordered games to play them immediately at release.

Check out more below and visit Sony’s PlayStation update website for details.


  • You can now select the length of video clips that will be saved. The length can be 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes. This setting is located under [Share Settings] > [Video Clip Settings] > [Length of Video Clip].
  •  (Capture Gallery) has been added to the content area. You can use it to view screenshots and video clips that you saved.
  • Screenshots and video clips will not be saved when you select [Broadcast Gameplay] in the menu for the Share feature. To save screenshots, select [Upload Screenshot] or press the button. To save video clips, select [Upload Video Clip] or press the  button.
  • You can now set the audience on Facebook® for sharing your screenshots and video clips.
  • [Share Settings] > [Video Clip Settings] > [Indicate Blocked Scenes for Video Recording] is now turned on by default.
  • The screen layout for when you are broadcasting has been improved.
  • [Stop Broadcasting] is now under [Broadcast Settings].


  • [Language], [Blu-ray Disc™ Data Management], and [Allow Internet Connection] have been added under [Video Playback Settings].
  • [Login Settings] and [Initialization] > [Delete User] are now under the newly added [Users].
  • You can now set a screensaver. [Start Screensaver] has been added under [Sound and Screen].
  • You can now share your real name and profile picture with the close Friends of your close Friends. Your close Friends are Friends who have accepted your real name requests, or Friends whose real name requests you have accepted. This setting is located under [PSNSM] > [Privacy Settings] > [Real Name and Profile Picture].


  • [From PlayStation] has been added under  (Notifications). You will receive notifications and other information from PSNSM.
  • Services under [TV & Video], such as Netflix and Hulu, can now be started with voice recognition. Also, the following keywords have been added to the voice recognition feature.
    • Save Video Clip
    • Start Video Clip
  • You can now sort trophies by their rarity level.
  • [Noise Reduction] has been added as an option that is available during video playback.
  • You can now use PlayStation®App to set your profile picture. To use this feature, you must update PlayStation®App to version 1.70 or later.
  • You can now use the touch pad to operate the software keyboard.
  • You can now submit a grief report about an inappropriate profile picture or broadcast.

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