Roku and HBO Max FINALLY Hook Up!

We are big fans of Roku here at Gear Diary. They make some truly excellent hardware and strive to offer a hardware and software experience that makes streaming easy, no matter what your choice of content. It’s been frustrating, then, that they didn’t have a deal with Time Warner’s HBO Max. It was basically the only streaming service you COULDN’T get natively on your Roku…until now!

Roku and HBO Max FINALLY Hook Up!

Starting December 17th, you can finally natively run HBO Max on your Roku (as opposed to a workaround like using Airplay or Chromecast). This comes just in time for WONDER WOMAN 1984! Really lean into the theme and get your loved ones a Roku and some Wonder Woman gear, and you’ll be all set to enjoy a blockbuster in your own home on Christmas. It doesn’t make up for the sting of yet another holiday where we’re isolated due to the pandemic, but at least you’ve got 4K streaming and HBO to replace your cousins fighting and grandma losing her hearing aids. Seems like a fair tradeoff!

And hey, because it’s a great trailer, here’s the preview for Wonder Woman 1984 if you’ve been living under a rock.

If you’re an AT&T customer, you might even be able to stream the new Wonder Woman movie (and enjoy all the other soon to be released 2021 Warner Brothers’ films) on HBO Max for free! AT&T includes the regularly priced at $14.99 per month HBO Max at no extra cost in their top wireless, internet, and video plans. You can find out if you qualify by going here. And if you haven’t already upgraded your AT&T plan to one of the one’s that qualify, check out AT&T’s new Unlimited Elite Plan —  HBO Max is included!

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