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Samson Meteorite

I’ve used the Samson Meteor Microphone since first doing the review three years ago. (Read it!) I love the retro look, the ease-of-use, and quality recordings it produces. Now the company has released the Samson Meteorite. A small, USB condenser microphone, it is inexpensive, easy to use, and great if you want something more than what your computer microphone offers. Gear Diary Samson Meteorite 58

Samson describes this diminutive microphone as “Out Of This World” and goes on to say,

Samson’s Meteorite is the universal solution for capturing high-quality recordings on your computer. Meteorite is ideal for podcasting, creating audio for YouTube videos and recording music on your favorite software or apps. This sleek microphone will also vastly improve your ability to communicate with friends, family and business associates on programs like Skype, FaceTime and other VoIP software.

I was impressed by the small size and cool design of the Samson Meteorite. It immediately brought the Samson Meteor to mind, but it has its own unique look and feel. Part of that “feel” come from the fact that unlike the heavy-duty metallic Meteor, this microphone is “Chrome-plated” but far less rugged. Fear not however, since it also feels quite sturdy. The microphone itself is round, and the USB cable is permanently attached. The globe-like Meteorite sits atop a magnetic base. The design lets you tilt and swivel the microphone in almost any direction and, if need be, you can pick the microphone up off the base and hold it close to your mouth.

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There are no buttons or controls here, and there’s no need to install drivers. Just plug the microphone into your computer’s USB port, fire up your favorite audio-hungry app and start recording. This is simply a plug-and-play microphone for Skype, FaceTime, Voice Recognition and similar activities that call for something that is able to “bypass the computer’s standard mic capsule and noisy sound card, in favor of the Meteorite’s studio-quality 14mm capsule and dedicated audio conversion path”.

Meteorite’s larger, professional capsule provides a smooth, flat frequency response to capture the natural warmth and dynamics of your voice, while its 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution ensures the audio transferred to your computer or tablet is as authentic as hearing it live.

You can also use the microphone with iOS devices, so long as you have a camera-connection kit. The small size and easy-of-use means the Metorite is perfect for taking in your gear bag for use on the road.

Samson Meteorite Microphone Video Look


As you can hear in the comparison between the Blue Microphone’s Yeti Pro, Samson Meteor, and Samson Meteorite, the Meteorite — by far the smallest and least expensive of the three — does a surprisingly good job.


  • 14mm diaphragm USB condenser microphone
  • Perfect for high quality recording in desktop and home studio environments
  • Ultra-clear voice capture for Skype, FaceTime and voice recognition software applications
  • Plugs directly into any computer with a USB input, no driver installation required
  • Compatible with most computer-based digital audio software
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution
  • Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz
  • Integrated USB cable
  • iPad and USB bus powered
  • Chrome-plated body
  • Removable magnetic base for optimal desktop positioning


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The Samson Meteorite is designed for the non-professional looking to capture better audio than their commuter or iOS devices offers natively. It’s small size, lack of features, and low cost — not to mention the decent job it does capturing your voice — make it well worth the sub-$60. and since it is already available at a discount, it is an even better proposition. Simple to use, good-looking and functional, if you record podcasts, use Skype or want to add narration to your next slideshow, the Metrorite is a great way to make sure things sound better without having to spend a fortune.

The Samson Meteorite has an MSRP of $59.99, but it is available through our Amazon Affiliate Store for just $42.71. Buy it here.

MSRP: $59.99

What I Like: Small and easy to use; Inexpensive; Looks cool; Works with computers and iOS devices; Use with the base or simply hold it.

What Needs Improvement: I expect many who start to use this will quickly outgrow it and be looking for something with more features

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Samson Meteorite

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