Fully’s Tic Toc Chair Makes Your Desk, or Kitchen Complete

A few months ago, we reviewed Fully’s Standing Desk, which is an absolutely phenomenal desk that I still use daily to write my articles. However, a lot of people Tweeted me asking about the Tic Toc Chair we spoke briefly about in the review, so I decided to go into a bit more detail about it.

Fully's Tic Toc Chair Makes Your Desk, or Kitchen Complete

The Tic Toc Chair by Fully is about as ergonomic of a chair as you’ll ever get. Currently available for $220, which is about $50 less than its normal price, and available in two different colors of wood, the Tic Toc Chair does come in a maple wood or black colorway.

There’s a separate option that allows the user to fully use their balance by offering up their Tic Toc Stand Balance Board which is essentially two more planks to complete the base of the Tic Toc. I did not get this option, unfortunately, so I cannot speak on it, but I felt as though my balance was just fine to use the Tic Toc alone.

Two months later, I actually do regret it a bit as I really feel as though I could’ve firmly placed my feet flat on the Tic Toc Chair with the balance board instead of how I currently set them, which is more of a tip-toe-like setting with my feet sitting on the ends of each side of the Tic Toc Chair.

Fully’s states this of the Tic Toc:

The idea for Tic Toc took shape at the intersection of (Fully founder) David’s personal life and professional experience. Over several meditation retreats—some a full month of 12-hour-a-day sitting—David had this profound insight: Sitting still is painful! Instead of peaceful reflection, he continually found his focus forced away by his body’s growing discomfort. With this realization, and with all that he had come to understand about healthy, active sitting, he began to dream up a chair that would support the body’s natural posture and rhythm—with just enough movement to keep the body loose and mind free. And who better to help bring the dream to life but Hans Christian Mengshoel, legendary designer of the Balans sitting concept and original kneeling chair. Twenty-four months, hundreds of drawings, and 18 prototypes later, Tic Toc was born.

Fully's Tic Toc Chair Makes Your Desk, or Kitchen Complete

In my opinion, I have to say I agree with David in terms of experience. Not having the back of a chair to rely on with the Tic Toc has not only made my workflow more consistent but haven’t experienced any of the lower back discomfort that I’ve received in the past from my desk chair at my full-time job.

Fully's Tic Toc Chair Makes Your Desk, or Kitchen Complete

This could be a result of the patented swivel seat and H –Base of the Tic Toc that allow me to sway back and forth when typing, which lets my keystrokes flow evenly, and I’m constantly in motion, unlike the 3-4 idle hours I could have sitting in a normal chair. I’ve even seen my Apple Watch move up with the activity even while I’m just typing away.

Fully's Tic Toc Chair Makes Your Desk, or Kitchen Complete

Recently we had a group of friends come over to watch a UFC event, and I was actually running out of seating at our island bar until I realized that the Tic Toc looks just as good in the kitchen as it does at my desk. My only gripe is that I only had one. Now if I could only get three more, I can have some in my kitchen and get rid of those god-awful chairs I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond. The Tic Toc rocks

The Tic Toc rocks backward, forward, and side to side, and if you sit properly, you’ll notice in time even more productivity be it typing at your Fully desk or sitting for dinner.

In terms of adjusting, there’s a custom gas lift that allows you to adjust the seat to your liking, although I do wish that it went up a bit higher for the highest level to be even for my Fully Standing desk when I didn’t want to stand. At a maximum height of 23.625″, I just expected a bit more in terms of height adjustment in a $200 chair.

Fully's Tic Toc Chair Makes Your Desk, or Kitchen Complete

Despite that, the Tic Toc Chair is currently my favorite chair to use when typing, as it’s not only ergonomic but feels great to sit on. If you can get past the actual price, of course. You can find out more information by heading to Fully’s site today.

 05/25/23: This note is now on Fully’s Home Page –

At Fully, we like to keep people in motion. Now we’re the ones moving — from this point forward, our furniture and accessories will be sold exclusively through Herman Miller and Design Within Reach. We hope to see you there!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The wood finish is great, and the option of having a balance board is a nice touch for those who plan on using it

What Needs Improvement: Price

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