The Tool Pen Has Ingenious Pop-a-Point Design – Puts 6 Tools in Your Pocket

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The Tool Pen Has Ingenious Pop-a-Point Design - Puts 6 Tools in Your Pocket Listen to this article

Do you remember those pop-a-point pencils from when you were a kid? They never needed sharpening, because there was always a fresh pointed pencil on the slug behind the one you were using. The Tool Pen uses that same design so that you can carry up to six tools with you at all times. You’ll want to check this out!

In a similar way that a multi-tool packs many useful features into one device, the Tool Pen stacks an assortment of six bits (there are up to 13 to choose from) in an aluminum “pen” that can easily fit in your pocket or bag. It’s what’s inside the pen that makes it so useful…

tool pen 1

Backing levels start at just $35 for a Tool Pen in your choice of snow silver, champagne gold, or gunmetal finish with six bits. You can get the full set of 13 steel bits by pledging 45.

mininch Tool Pen is housing by solid aluminum. Each pen comes with 6 bits, and each bit is layered over the next in tailor-made hexagon barrel. There are 13 most popular types of bits you choose, including Slotted (Flat), Phillips, Hexagon (Hex), and Star; all are constructed from high-quality, milled S45C carbon steel. They allow you working on the bits that fit your bike, furniture, cabinet, laptop, electronics, hinge and latch, outdoor equipment, and general household essentials anytime & anywhere.

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– Material: S45C carbon steel

– Length: 36mm  /    Diameter: 9mm  /   Weight: 7g

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

– Spec: 13 types we offer in first phase

  • Slotted Bits (Flat): SL3, SL4, SL4.5
  • Phillips Bits: PH1, PH2
  • Hexagon Bits (Hex): H2, H2.5, H3, H4
  • Star Bits: T10, T15, T20, T25


– Material: 6061 aluminum, sand-blasting finish.

– Length: 150mm  /   Diameter: 17.5mm  /    Weight: 93g (with 6 bits inside)

– Color Edition: Snow Silver, Gunmetal, Champagne Gold

tool pen 4

The Tool Pen is estimated to ship in October 2014. I think that these will make fab Holiday gifts, so I have put in my order at the “Generous Gifter” level — three of 13-bit pens for $105. Now I just have to decide who deserves on of the two spares I’ll have, because of course I am keeping one for myself. 😉

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You can get your own Tool Pen by backing the mininch Kickstarter project here.

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