The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum Navigates, Cleans, and Spies for You

Despite being a full-blown nerd from an early age (“Why do you always have to fiddle with things?” my brother once demanded when we were kids), I’ve rarely been an early adopter. I don’t get version one releases of software, cars, or new gizmos (with the notable exception of the iPhone). And I still don’t have a robot vacuum. But maybe I should take a look at the new Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum, hm?

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robotic Vacuum

Robot vacuums have been around for quite a while now, and I’ve lost track of how many people have told me I am an idiot for not getting one. I mean, I do have an awful lot of hardwood and tile floors in my house.

I always object to things like cost, the fact that I have jumpy pets, I don’t want to program them, battery power, I’m confident I’ll trip over them, or that they’ll go crazy and take over my house.

Bushwah, say the folks at Samsung! They’ve equipped the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum with an Intel AI solution and an active stereo-type 3D sensor so the Jet Bot can “think” and make decisions on its own — with regard to gauging the layout of your living space and navigating around objects (including pets), at least.

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum has a live-stream camera so you can keep an eye on your pets — or anything else going on in your house — if you want. But I have to say that the Corgi in the above video doesn’t look too thrilled at being spied on.

The Jet Bot can also identify the type of surface and the level of dust it encounters, then automatically adjust its suction power to clean thoroughly.

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robotic Vacuum

As you’d expect with a top-of-the-line robot vac, when the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum is done with its floor cleaning mission, it docks with its Clean Station and empties itself. It also captures 99.99% of the dust, which is a help if you have allergy problems, like my son.

And like everything these days, the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum comes with an app so that you can do all the monitoring and modification of programming from your handheld device. Because after all, heaven forbid you actually have to sit down at your laptop to do such things anymore. (Or good lord, do it through the actual device!)

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum is available now for $1299 from Samsung and select dealers.

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