Colossal Cube Molds Review: Big Blocks of Ice for the Best Drinks


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I’ve been on a “designer” ice-cube kick for a couple of months now; the bigger and more interesting, the better. I’ve finally come across a clear winner; say hello to the $14.95 Tovolo Colossal Cube Molds. These molds produce blocky ice cubes that will look impressive in your glass as they chill your beverage!

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Molds-002 These BPA-free plastic and silicone molds really do produce a rather colossal cube — one that measures 2.5″ by 2.5″. Making the cubes is as easy as removing the silicone lid and filling the mold with water; I usually use plain old RO well water.

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Molds-004

Because the mold is so large, you can also add things like bits of fruit, edible flowers, mint, or other drink-enhancing accoutrements. You can also get creative with what liquids you add; throw some fresh-squeezed lime or lemon juice (or concentrate) in with the water, or other fruit juices to go in a larger punch.

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Molds-003

Add liquid to the fill line, but don’t stress if you go over a bit …

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Review

… any overflow will gurgle over the top.

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Review-001

Place the Colossal Cube Molds in the freezer, and wait a few hours.

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Review-002

Once the liquid in the molds has frozen and solidified, you can easily free the cubes by running the molds under hot water.

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Molds Review Big Blocks of Ice for the Best Drinks.25


The result is an impressively large ice-cube!

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Molds Review Big Blocks of Ice for the Best Drinks.07

All that’s left to do is pop that colossal ice-cube from its mold and into your drink!

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Molds Review Big Blocks of Ice for the Best Drinks.06

I can’t say that the Colossal Cube Molds will make your drinks taste better (unless you’ve doctored up your cubes a bit), but they will definitely make your drinks more interesting; Kev’s kids love using them, too.

Gear Diary Colossal Cube Molds Review Big Blocks of Ice for the Best Drinks.22


I like to add lemon juice to my Colossal Cube Molds and then plop a completed cube into my water; these lemon cubes make my water taste better, and since I don’t drink nearly enough water as it is, anything that makes me want to is a very good thing.

Source: The Colossal Cube Molds were a review sample supplied by Useful Things.

What I Like: Stackable; Make a large and beautiful ice-cube that keeps your drink cold, melts more slowly than regular cubes, and looks cool; Dishwasher safe; Made of BPA-free plastic and silicone; Kids love them

What Needs Improvement: Be advised that the cubes are so large they may not fit in all of your glasses

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