Sony Stereo Microphone STM10 Review: Excellent Mic for Android Phones

One of the best features of the Sony Xperia Z2 phone and tablet is the built-in noise cancellation. It works great with Sony’s NC headphones, but it also does a good job if you pick up a Sony Stereo Microphone STM10. I got mine a few days ago, and I’m already impressed by the quality of the audio it captures.The microphone isn’t inexpensive, and isn’t currently available on Sony’s US site, but you can purchase it [Affiliate Link] here on Amazon through a reseller for $59.99.

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10

Inside the box you’ll find the microphone and a windscreen. Unfortunately it does not come with a protective bag or case. That’s too bad, since this is the kind of accessory you’ll want to keep in your gear bag pretty much all the time so you have it available when you want to record video or audio.

As Sony explains:

Small, light and easy to use: Get excellent video and audio quality every time you record family events, parties, sport – any action you love to shoot and share. STM10 is a high sensitivity stereo condenser microphone that lets you get the best sound for your Smartphone and Tablet video memories. Experience authentic audio and a real feel of being there. Make great moments sound fantastic

Using the microphone is as simple as navigating to the settings page, choosing “Sound” and then selecting the STM10 from the menu of accessories.

Video Look at the Sony Stereo Microphone STM10

Specifications of the Sony Stereo Microphone STM10
  • Interface: 3.5 mm 5-pole audio connector – 4-conductor/1 earth TRRS connector
  • Power supply: 3.5 mm connector socket
  • Mic configuration: XY pattern
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz – 12 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 8 mV/Pa
  • SPL Handling range: 35-120 dBA
  • S/N ratio: Up to 85 dB



As you can see, the microphone does a nice job of cutting out background noise and upping the quality of the audio that is captured. It also works with the Audio Recorder app available from Sony through the Google Play Store for free. The app allows you to select between capturing music or spoken word. It also allows for production audio normalization land wind filtering. There are other audio capture apps available but this one is free and is designed by and for Sony products.

Finally it is worth noting that while the Sony Stereo Microphone STM10 is designed to be used with the Xperia Z2 phone and tablet it will also work with any Android smartphones with a 3.5mm 5-pole input. The microphone is pricey, but it is a worthwhile expense if you plan to shoot video or record audio with your Xperia Z2. Learn more here on the Sony Xperia UK Store.

Source: Personal purchase of the Sony Stereo Microphone STM10

What I Like: Takes advantage of a key feature on the Sony Xperia Z2 line; Easy to use and effective

What Needs Improvement: No included carrying pouch or case; Not inexpensive

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