Shinola Power Supply: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Quality Products Built in America?

Detroit has a lot of charm to it, and even more innovative creators living and working there every day despite what you may have heard. A company who makes its name off of embracing the glory of manufacturing in the United States, they take pride in quality, luxury products.

Based out of Michigan, Shinola is attempting to get their name mentioned in the ranks with other widely known manufacturer of everyday goods. The company sent us over their 5-Outlet Power Supply and Dual USB device to check out.

Shinola Power Supply: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Quality Products Built in America?

The Shinola Power Supply 5 Port & Dual USB is constructed of a die-cast metal enclosure with a rubberized base that is a perfect companion in your home office, or even in your bedroom. I received a unit to review in red, and it stands out in a major way in my living room currently.

Complete with a braided cable, the power supply adds to any home décor, all the while giving you the functionality to charge up anything from your iPad to your laptop, or even a television courtesy of the five individual ports included. If you have a friend over that just so happens to just bring their USB cable when they come over to visit, now they can charge up thanks to one of the two USB ports that sit in the sixth slot of the power supply.

Crafted thanks to GE, a company by the name of Byrne Electric actually manufacturer these in Michigan. Obviously, the company stands by its products, as the power supply doesn’t come cheap at $185, but this is certainly a case where you can’t but a price on quality.

Shinola Power Supply: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Quality Products Built in America?

What amazed me the most about the power supply (other than the price tag to be fair), was that the wall plug itself sits at an angle, so not only will me adjust to sitting behind a couch, but can sit comfortably above or below an existing used port.

In my time testing, I absolutely loved using the Shinola Power Supply. Not only is the quality of the product the best that I’ve seen from a power outlet, but you can tell that each individual part from the construction of the cable, down to the USB port alignment have been carefully inspected. Also what I thought was pretty creative is how the outlets are set up to face opposing each other, which is helpful when plugging in larger AC adapters like a MacBook outlet.

All in all, Shinola seems to have built up a cult-like following with products like leather wallets, watches, and even bicycles for both men and women alike. I’m going to keep my eyes open for more of Shinola’s products, as it looks like the motor city is making a case for itself being more than just the automobiles.

For more information on the Shinola Power Supply 5 Port + Dual USB Outlet, head over to their site today. 

Source: Manufacturer supply review unit

What I Like: Functional, cool red color, and added USB ports

What Needs Improvement: $185 for a power outlet?

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