Evutec Karbon Osprey S Series for iPhone 6 Review

If you are looking for thin, light and inexpensive protection for your iPhone 6, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Evutec Karbon Osprey S Series for iPhone 6. Evutec isn’t a familiar name to many, but it should be. Their cases are Kevlar reinforced, feather light, supermodel thin, and they offer terrific value.By using Kevlar the company is able to make cases that look like Carbon Fiber, have the strength of carbon fiber but won’t interfere with the iPhone’s signals.

Evutec Karbon Osprey S

Video review of the Evutec Karbon Osprey S Series for iPhone 6

And here’s what Evutec has to say about this case:

The Karbon Osprey S Series is a sleek snap case specially made to fit the iPhone 6. At 0.7mm thin it is a single layer case containing DuPont™ Kevlar fibers. These fibers make it 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight and will not block your GPS, WiFi or cellular signal. Each case is sprayed and polished five times with our special formulated Evutouch Coating to protect against scratching.

I like almost everything about the Evutec Karbon Osprey S.

  • I like how thin it is.
  • I like how light it is.
  • I like the way it protects the corners.
  • I understand why it offers little to no lay-on-the-table protection
  • I like the way it doesn’t interfere with accessing the buttons- especially the mute toggle
  • I like the price.

I do not, however, like the vanity cutout on the back. As I note in the video, I do not understand why a company would create a case that offers such good protection and then leave a circle of area completely exposed. This defeats the purpose and is a good example of putting brand loyalty over function. If you don’t mind the Apple logo exposure this may be a perfect case for you. Learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Evutec Karbon Osprey S Series for iPhone 6

What I Like: Price; Design; Protection; Weight

What Needs Improvement: Apple logo vanity cover that leaves some of the phone exposed

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