Casetify Review: Turn Your Photos into Cases

With the excitement of receiving my iPhone 6 plus, I knew immediately I had to put a case on it. It just so happened that a review opportunity arose from Casetify for a custom case made with my photos. Using the Casetify iPhone app, I was easily able to produce my own custom case. Let’s take a look.

Casetify allows phone and tablet users to design and order custom-made cases using their Instagram, Facebook and mobile photos. The designs can be made on their website or on the iOS and Android applications. I designed my case using the iOS app to be used on my iPhone 6 plus. We will look at the design and ordering process first, then the quality of the case.


The first step of design is to upload your photos. Photos can be uploaded using the + symbol from Facebook, Instagram, Photo Library or the Camera. Once photos are loaded, they are stored in the app for quick use. I used a photo of my son on his first dove hunt. I was standing behind him and saw the sunset in the background and snapped the shot. The lighting actually made him a silhouette and left the sunset vivid and beautiful. Both the memory and quality of the shot made it an easy pick for me.


Around twenty photo layouts are available using anywhere from one to many photos. The collage look is not really what I was looking for so I went with a single photo.


If the layouts are not what you want, there are also some pre-designed options using a various number of photos. I can see these designs being popular, but there are not too many manly options so I stayed with my one photo choice.


If your own photos are not getting the job done, then there is a tab for stamps. Under the tab there are six different sets of stamps in different styles. These can be used just like any other photo on the app.


The final option for the case design is applying color filters to the photo. While this is a nice feature, there are much stronger tools on the phone to change the look of the photos.


Once the case design is finished, all you have to do is pay the $39.95 and place the order. My case was shipped in about a week and arrived quickly.


The case is a simple snap on plastic case. The fit and finish are perfect, and all buttons as well as the entire bottom of the phone are accessible. The case provides plenty of protection for daily use, and I really like how the edge extends a bit above the screen to keep it from breaking if placed face down.


The photo quality on my case came out beautiful. The warm colors of the sunset practically shine from the case, and the blacks are deep and true. I was worried the photo might not last long after getting bumped around and dropped on tables, but there is no wear after two weeks of use. I do not know what method is used to print the photos or protect them, but I am super pleased by how durable and realistic it is.


For $39.95 and free shipping, I say this is an excellent case for the iPhone 6 plus. While the phone is protected, there is very little bulk added to the already large device. The design options are almost endless, and the printing method is beautiful and will last. This case is definitely an option worth looking into.

Casetify Custom Photo Case

Source: Manufacturers supplied review sample of the Casetify custom iPhone 6 plus case.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Easy design options with stunning photo printing on a nice case

What can be improved: I would like to see more case options with the same printing quality

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    Great review Travis! I love media used in creative ways like this one and it looks convenient for the user and manufacturer.

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